The is no meeting scheduled for Feb. 20th in observance of President's Day.
Our next meeting is Monday, February 27th at The Hotel RL
Our speakers will be Mary Williams and Ann Freeman-Manzanares, Rebel by Bus and GM of inter-city Transit
Our Newest Members
Meet our Newest Members who have joined in the past 6 months:

Matt Argyropoulos

Member pictureFinancial Advisor, Morgan Stanley. Denny Peterson, sponsor. Joined December 19th

Laya Hawthorne

Member pictureVice President at LifeWorksWell Inc. Phyllis Mandel sponsor. Joined October 17th

Jennifer Houk

Member pictureDirector of Accountable Care, Providence Health Services. Larry Poplack sponsoe. Joined October 31st

Kasia Konieczny

Member pictureDirector of Oncology & DH Services, Providence Health Services. Larry Poplack sponsoe. Joined October 21st

Laurie Tebo

  Behavior Health
  Wendy Holden,
  Joined September 19th

Micky Holden-Cooper

Major Account Executive
Ricoh USA
Wendy Holden, sponsor
Joined Sept 12th
Char Foster
Regional Director of Group Health
South Service Area
Dan Lehuta, sponsor
Joined August 1st
Kelly Cooper
Member picture
WA State, Legislative Relations  Dennis Cooper, sponsor, Joined June 16th
Club Executives & Directors
President Elect
Past President
RI Foundation
Club Coordinator
Youth Protection Officer
      The Rotary Club of Olympia
              Mondays at noon, Hotel RL
               (Formerly The Red lion Hotel)
        2300 Evergreen Park Dr. Olympia WA 98502  

Welcome to 2017!
                 Presidential Theme 2016-17  
From the President
Two thousand sixteen is the year in the rear view mirror.  Welcome to 2017!  As we transition between years, I measure how much I will miss the year just passed based on how quickly I change the date I use with my signature!  Moving from 2016 to 2017 happened quickly – I started changing the dates on my checks in December. But much of what made 2016 one of my least favorite years persists: global uncertainty, an unpredictable incoming national administration, a seemingly insurmountable state policy and budget hill to climb as we figure out how to fully fund basic education for our children.  Locally we have our challenges as well homelessness, decision paralysis on Capitol Lake, and a policy face-off between property rights and environmental activists.
With all of this plus our own personal challenges, our anxiety – o’meter could be heading into the danger zone, but for one thing:  our ability to choose action over inaction.  Psychologists tell us that taking action, even one step at a time action, keeps us healthy.  Action oriented people are calmer, happier, able to think more clearly because they are less overwhelmed and anxious than those who remain passive in the face of challenges.
My suggestion?  Let’s all work together, support each other, to stay in action wherever possible, in ways large and small.
As Rotarians in Olympia we have lots of avenues for action.  We can help with the April cleanup of downtown, or the annual cleanup of Rotary Park. We can attend the Interact International Dinner this spring. Our Club needs help with everything from feeding our Facebook page so we can stay connected to cashiering to participating in one of our committees. Join the group creating and building our Marathon as a signature fundraiser for our club so we can give more back to our community.  Learn more about ways to serve through Rotary by attending a Rotary event or training – the Rotary Foundation Dinner in March, the District Conference and Leadership Training in May.  Go to Bolivia to help with one of our newer water projects.  Administer polio vaccine to children in other countries.  Work for peace at whatever level suits you – local, state national or around the world.  Encourage a young person – or an elder.  Light the proverbial candle instead of cursing the darkness.
As we act, let’s also resolve to be kind.  In 2016 bullying, trolling, harassment, fighting, hate and brutality were endemic in much of the world.  Behavior, like the flu, is contagious.  While we cannot always prevent behavior that ranges from the unkind to the brutal, we can, as Rotarians, vaccinate our communities and provide an antidote of sorts – through acts of courageous kindness.
In 2017, please take whatever action you can, wherever and whenever you can, to improve some part of the world.  Small strokes or broad, you and the world will be better for it.  And as we act let’s take note of how the Dali Lama encourages us.  He says, “Whenever possible, be kind.” And he follows with “It is always possible.”
Yours in possibility,
Wendy Holden, President
Your Olympia Rotary Club
Rotary Point at West Bay Park in Olympia, Washington, is the culmination of a unique partnership between the City of Olympia and the Rotary Clubs of Thurston County.
The 4 acre park is located on the western shore of one of the southernmost points of the Puget Sound and is a spectacular site that provides outstanding views of the State Capitol, ship canal and Olympic peaks.  A Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program Water Access Grant and an Aquatic Lands Enhancement Grant helped to fund acquisition, development, and shoreline enhancement.
A partnership with local Rotary Clubs resulted in a developed overlook, a handheld boat launch and other improvements.
Here is a list of the eight Rotary Clubs in Thurston County that partnered in the creation of Rotary Point at West Bay Park:
The Rotary Club of Olympia
Capital Centennial Rotary Club of Olympia
The Rotary Club of West Olympia
The Rotary Club of South Puget Sound-Olympia
The Rotary Club of Yelm
The Rotary Club of Lacey
Tumwater Rotary Club
The Gateway Rotary Club
700 W. Bay Dr. NW
Olympia, WA 9502
Dawn to Dusk
For more information, and to learn how you can support this gift to the community, visit the Rotary Point at West Bay Park website at:


Bolivia Community Transformation Center
Transform International  Etta Projects
Members: An opportunity to donate to an extremely worthwhile project our club is actively involved in through the efforts of Bob Wubbena and Greg Bucove. CLICK HERE to access our on-line payment module. You can also visit helpful project websites for more information by clicking on the graphics above.
Upcoming Events
Are you interested in giving back to the local community? Do you like to have fun? If you do, then we'd like to invite you to lunch!
For more information about visiting our club, contact our Membership Committee Chair, Cecelia Loveless.
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