Olympia Lakefair Races
Trials Legacy Marathon We will continue to hold the races on the same weekend as Capital Lakefair event. We save money on permits and other event essentials by overlapping with them. We also hope to concentrate more efforts on partnering with Lakefair for promotional purposes. Having the races on the same day also helps provide us with a timeline for our marketing audience. The local community has a sense of when Lakefair takes place every year. If we can grow this event and the two go hand in hand, that will only work in our favor. And It’s also a nice event for families following our races for those that do travel from outside the region.
Heidi and the designer are working on options for a  new logo and t-shirt design. The t-shirt design will change every year in hopes that it will be a draw and something our race participants and volunteers look forward to and snazzy enough that they help market our event throughout the year.
I hope this is an adequate summary.  My intention was to send this to all concerned, if I left someone off I apologize.  And no, I am not volunteering to be the continuing recorder for our meetings!