Members and guests enjoy our annual club picnic held at the Swantown Marina.
Rotary Club of Olympia Meeting Notes
August 10, 2015
Swantown Marina
Meeting Called to order by President Jack Belmont
Invocation by Dennis Cooper
Pledge of Allegiance by Al Cohen
Song led by  Allen Miller, God Bless America
4-Way Test led by  Sam Meyer
Visiting Rotarians
  • Karla Fowler
  • Jim Johnson
  • Steve Henderson
  • Jeff Reiner
Happy Bucks
  • Lynn Heinold shared that her cruise of the San Juan Islands was awesome.
  • Nancy Riordan let us know that Marv Reiner is celebrating 50 years as a Rotarian!
  • Dana Pethia shares that the 32nd Annual SMU Golf Tournament was a success, and she rode 25 miles in the Sam Hutch Fundraising Ride.
  • Chuck Fowler shares that Sandman is 105 years old.  It was restored 10 years ago, and any and all can donate to the upkeep.
Special Announcements
Al Cohen-Last day to order Spaghetti Bowl T-Shirts.
Skip Steffen thanks all for the classic cars and boats that came to support Rotary.
  • Pat Boyle, Car Club
  • Doug Roder, Corvette Club
  • Mr. Murray, Mustang Club
  • Sandman Tugboat
  • Vintage Boats on A-Dock
    4 Boats Sandman Tug, Mary Anne Tug, 112” Yacht, Star Class 22’ Sail Boat
  • Boat Owners and workers:Scott Wall, Nory Mindswear, Bill Broceuis
  • Mini Tugs—Smitty J and Cathy Ann by Bob Peck and the Olympia Kiwanis
  • Olympia Area Rowing Boat House Open with boats, youth athletes, and Coach Richard Hull
Jim Leonard purchased Sceduri Eggs for $10
Ride in President Jack’s Vehicles:
  • Long nose car-$20 Dennis Cooper
  • 2016 Peterbuilt Semi-$10 Al Cohen
  • 1950 Chevy-$20 Fred Adaire
  • 2007 Corvette-$20 Dennis Cooper
Mr. Snappy
$20 Browser’s Books won by Barb Soule
Meeting Adjourned at 12:40PM
Yours in scribe, Brad Hooper