Posted by Bob Heck on Jan 22, 2018
Rotary Club of Olympia
The Wheel
Date: 1/22/2018
Today’s Program: Community Youth Services – Scott Hanauer, MA, MHP, CEO
Meeting Called to order: President Christy Peters @ 12:20 pm
  • Invocation by: Allen Miller
  • Pledge of Allegiance led by: Chris Lanese
  • Song: America The Beautiful, led by Gloria Strait
  • Four Way Test led by: Joe Scuderi
Visiting Rotarians:
  • Drake Nickelson – West Olympia Rotary Club
  • Kayla Iverson – Former Member of Rotary Club of Pullman and Former Director of Community Outreach with YMCA of the Palouse – recently moved to Olympia and is excited to explore non-profit work here.
Guest of Rotarians:
  • Chris Wells - Executive Director, United Way of Thurston County
  • Heather Antanaitis – Non-Profit Development Officer, and potential club member
  • Sarah Lloyd – Executive Director of SafePlace
Happy Bucks – hosted by Sean Murphy
  • Christy Peters – Spent a week visiting son in Hawaii – her entire family survived the false ballistic missile threat.
  • Sean Murphy – He has submitted his final MBA project and is one presentation away from completing all his classes.
  • Justice Debra Stephens  - Invited club members to join the Happy Bucks Committee and shared that she will be meeting with US Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor on Monday evening.
  • Jewel Goddard ­– Proud to hear the speaker today – views CYS as a gem in our community.
  • Kyle Cronk – South Sound YMCA was recently recognized for their work as an organization, Kyle and the entire organization are proud to be in the company of such long-standing and esteemed local businesses.
  • Fred Adair – Only 22 cases of Polio remain worldwide, as of the end of 2017. This is down from 37 cases in 2016. Thus far in 2018, no new cases have been reported.
  • Sam Bovard – On Friday, January 5, Sam became a grandfather for the first time.
  • Bill Fishburn – Began new job at the Department of Health – also working to lead the upcoming Girl Scout Lunch Event in Tacoma. If you are interested in attending, or sponsoring, please contact Bill directly.
  • Peggy Mueller (German Exchange Student) – Enjoyed her recent trip to Crystal Mountain and playing on her basketball team, even though the team isn’t particularly good, she has a lot of fun.
  • Eve Chu (Taiwan Exchange Student) – Has moved in with her next host family and enjoys watching Netflix at their house, a lot!
  • Steve Bean – Reminded the club that CYS started at the Red Lion, originally as Thurston Youth Services. He and others who helped start the organization are amazed at the work all the past and current employees and board members have done to build the organization.
  • Terry Anderson – Enjoyed a wonderful 17-day vacation/road trip around the Western US. Found it wonderful to wake up in the morning and depart for any destination they wanted to visit.
  • Jim Larson – Monrningside received the DSHS “Making a Difference” award recently and the Thurston County Chamber recognized Jim as “Boss of the Year” in 2017.
  • Tom McLean – Excited to share about his Tennis match this weekend – one step forward, but also one-step backwards.
  • “Be Our Guest” - February is “Be Our Guest” month – Please invite guests to join us, we only have three meetings!
  • Friendship Exchange to India – District 5121 (our district) is looking for participants to exchange with a district in India, likely in January 2019. For more details, contact President Christy. The deadline is early February.  Gloria Strait shared her experience on a previous exchange trip.
  • OHS Interact Club - Sarah Clinton shared that Jim Balz has commissioned a plaque for the OHS Interact Club, so they can display it at the high school to promote the work of the club.
  • Lakefair Races/Marathon - Heidi Schaiberger and Nick Schmidt shared that there are sponsorship opportunities for the event, at all race levels. If you’d like more information, contact either Heidi or Nick. Sponsorship packets are available, too.  The race sponsorship form is available on our website HERE
  • Rotary Community Grants - Skip Steffen announced the following awards
    • Morningside: The grant will support the “Discovery Zone” initiative. The program supports individuals who have a goal of entering the workforce for the first time.
    • CYS: The grant will support “Haven House,” and the programming that CYS provides. Annually, Haven House sees about 400 individuals. The programming, termed “pro-social” allows the staff and clients to do positive activities, side-by-side. It increases the level of positive interaction between staff and clients, which supports the CYS integrated care model.
Program: Scott Hanauer, MA, MHP, CEO – Community Youth Services.
Jeff Crooks introduced Scott. Since June 2015, Scott has served as CEO of Community Youth Services. For the better part of a decade prior to that, Scott served CYS as the Clinical Director. Scott is a child welfare expert and has had several research papers published in academic journals. Scott spoke about the important work of CYS and how their integrated care model works. CYS depends on over 75 different funding streams to support the ongoing work they are engaged in throughout our community and South/West Washington.
Scott reviewed Complex Trauma. Specifically, Complex Trauma is: physical abuse, emotional neglect, domestic violence, sexual abuse, abandonment and disruption. Unlike simple trauma, Complex Trauma is ongoing. This is the type of trauma that CYS is focused on helping clients process and work through.
CYS works with clients to identify their reactions to trauma and help each work through the reactions they have to Complex Trauma in their life. CYS is committed to helping clients work through their trauma to help lower the overall trauma present in clients and the negative effects that trauma can and does have on an individual.
CYS takes a clinical/researched-based approach to providing integrated treatment. They have partnered with the University of Washington, Portland State University and the University of Oklahoma. Research shows that there is a lack of resiliency in individuals with Complex Trauma. To combat this, CYS has created a host of integrated care models for service delivery. Some of these integrated care programs include: Early Intervention, Juvenile Justice, Out of Home Care, and Behavioral Health & Wellness. It is possible, with work and in a supportive environment, that the brain can be rewired – this is the goal of all work CYS does to ensure each client graduates from the program(s) in a better place.
Use of Pro-Social programming is instrumental to the CYS integrated care model. Pro-Social programming has three parts: Pro-Social Activities (hiking, swimming, bowling, etc), Pro-Social Peers and Pro-Social Adults. Combined, these factors can create a very positive influence in each client’s life.
CYS focuses on full engagement of each client. Engagement is important because it builds trust and supports the ongoing work each client must tackle. Scott shared that CYS is proud to have a 90% staff retention rate, one of the highest in the industry. In addition to engaging each client, CYS staff also seeks to find the spark within each individual they work with. They want all clients to understand that they have support to follow their dreams, and believe in themselves.
Scott shared information on the Annual “Have a Heart” Breakfast fundraiser hosted by CYS. This year it will be on Thursday, March 1 at 7:30am at Hotel RL. Rotarians who are interested in attending, or sponsoring the event, can reach out directly to Scott at:
Mr. Snappy: Jim Larson won $30 Gift Certificate to Browsers Books donated by Jay Burney.
Meeting Adjourned: 1:30pm by President Christy