Posted by Sarah Lloyd on Mar 11, 2019
Rotary Club of Olympia
The Wheel
Today’s Program: Cheryl Fambles, Pacific Mountain Workforce Development Council
Meeting Called to order: Dan Lehuta @ 12:28 pm
  • Invocation: Dirk Farrar
  • Pledge of Allegiance:: Corinna Phillips
  • Song: Star-Spangled Banner:Gloria Strait
  • Four Way Test: Denny Peterson
Visiting Rotarians
Guest of Rotarians
  • Bill Latta – Joseph Cavalli – Grandson visiting, home from U.S. Naval Academy
  • Bill Lahmann – Carly Colgan, Executive Director, Habitat for Humanity
  • Colleen Gillespie – Mark Turner, CEO of Capital Medical Center
  • Tore Nielsen – Gary Vallieres
Happy Bucks – hosted by Sean Murphy
  • Joan Houchen – Grandson visiting from Alaska, but staying up in Seattle. 5 ½ month great granddaughter had surgery at Children’s Orthopedic. Everything went well. Keep supporting Children’s Orthopedic – they’re awesome.
  • Chuck Fowler – 81 Happy Bucks for his latest birthday – though he considered taking back $20 for Dan’s latest comments about his lengthy introductions for guests. J
  • Gloria Strait – Her granddaughter attends King’s College in London.  Accepted into school in Paris for third year – she is very proud.
  • Micki Holden Cooper – Conservation district election coming up. Can request ballot from the Auditor’s office. (360) 786-5408. 3/21 is the last day to request a ballot, and 3/25 is the last day to vote. Must submit ballot to the Auditor’s office – cannot take to ballot boxes.
Humor Moment
Caroline Manger shared stories/jokes

Steve Bean auctioned the following:
  • 3 dozen Pacific oysters donated by Jim Leonard – Valued at $60 sold for $45 to Cheryl Fambles, Program Speaker.
  • Bill Fishburn’s Fresh Sourdough Bread – Sold for $20 to Holly Mason and given to Program Speaker
Meals at Meetings
Dan Lehuta explained the process for how we pay for lunches is based on plate count. Hotel RL starts with count for plates and takes a count at the end – club pays for the difference. Token count should match. In the past few weeks, the count has not matched and has been significant.  Make sure you aren’t taking extra plates when going through line or taking a plate if you have forgotten a prepaid token at home.  Board will be discussing options for managing this process differently at their next meeting, including a suggestion given at the meeting.
New Member Induction
Gloria Strait introduced Tanya Mote, Executive Director of the College Foundation at SPSCC. Tanya has been a member of West Olympia Rotary since 2012, and was inducted into membership into our Club. Gloria awarded Tanya her pin, and President Dan Lehuta formally welcomed Tanya to the club.
Program: Pacific Mountain Workforce Development Council
Jim Larson introduced Cheryl Fambles, the CEO of Pacific Mountain Workforce Development Council (PacMtn)

Cheryl gave a presentation entitled “The New Workforce Building Success” and shared that her presentation would be a tip of the iceberg introduction into the work that PacMtn does in public workforce as a problem solver entity.

They serve a five-county area: Thurston, Grays Harbor, Pacific, Mason and Lewis County – a 7,000 square mile area with a population of 519,130; large, but not densely populated.
Their system commitments include work governed by Federal Legislation (Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act – 2014) which calls for Talent and Prosperity for All. They do that through: WorkSource, Industry Sectors (6), Business – a primary customer, and High Barrier Populations.
There is no longer an unemployment office – that is an old model. The focus is now employment through the WorkSource model, which is done in partnership with ESD. Sometimes the system only looks at the job-seeker, but it’s important that business is seek as a primary customer, if not THE customer in the system as well – which still lends itself to serving the jobseeker by way of meeting business needs.
Cheryl shared regional demographics and how our region is higher in disabilities, military population and older populations, and lower in younger populations than the state average and that those numbers have to inform how they do their work.
A quick word about millennial workforce culture that Cheryl shared was that millennials are here to stay, so we must support them in designing a workforce system for the future. More conversation needs to follow about how to do that best.
Cheryl shared more detailed information about community challenges that PacMtn’s region is facing, and how PacMtn is responding to include: need for increased student engagement in meaningful career pathways following high school; need for support for high numbers of transitioning service members and their families; support for opioid epidemic; and homelessness. She shared about how PacMtn is working to integrate systems and partner with key players in the community to come up with comprehensive solutions that are looking at problems differently.
Mr. Snappy
Corinna Phillips won $25 to Ramblin’ Jacks/Mercato/I.talia, donated by Jim Leonard.
Meeting Adjourned: 1:28pm by Dan Lehuta