Posted by Tom McLean on Mar 02, 2020
Rotary Club of Olympia
The Wheel
Program: Washington Department of Transportation
Call to Order by President Colleen Gillespie
  • Invocation:  Mary Sue Wilson
  • Pledge of Allegiance:  Chris Wells
  • Song by Gloria:  America the Beautiful
  • Four Way Test:  Tom Lally
Visiting Rotarians
  • Bob Kagy, Hawks Prairie
Guest of Rotarians
  • Liz Wood (Ralph Munro)
  • Brad Berry (Ralph Munro)
  • Candi Millar, Olympia Planning Commission (Joan Houchen)
  • Pat Carlson (Warren Carlson)
Happy Bucks (hosted by Mark Elliott):
  • Larry Poplack - Birthday check, 79
  • Gloria Strait - Saw the Music Man done by the Olympia School District – Gift to the community.
  • Bob Kagy - Thurston County Water Committee and the Paul Harris Dinner.  Keith Axtel will be speaking about micro lending (tickets are $40).l
  • Matt DeBord - Happy to see Oly Bears in basketball playoffs.  Dad inducted into Seattle Univ. Hall of Fame, due to first soccer team.  City of Olympia finance committee – Matt is working to clean up downtown Olympia.
Happy Birthday recognition for January birthday Rotarians.  Song led by Gloria Strait.
  • Rotary History provided by Fred Adair:  In 1900 people couldn’t get jobs in Midwest and many migrated to Chicago.  Four people developed a club where they met together weekly.  By 1918, 45,000 Rotary members.  September 1920 Olympia Rotary formed. 
  • St. Patrick’s Day Meeting by Colleen Gillespie:  We will be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day March 16.
  • Bill Gates Video:  Together We Will End Polio video.
  • Steve Bean auctioned tickets to Harlequin Productions:  The Highest Tide as adapted from the Jim Lynch book of the same name.  Sean Padgett won the bid with a $35 bid.
  • Dennis Adams had the winning ticket to historical picture of Olympia donated by Holly Mason.
  • Colleen Gillespie had the winning bid of the 2nd historical picture of Olympia donated by Holly Mason.
Program:  Roger Millar, Dept. of Transportation. 
Introduction provided by Geoff Crooks.  Roger Millar is the Secretary of the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT)
Geoff met Roger 5 years ago.  At the time he wanted to buy a house where he could walk to work.  He is a fellow of the American Society of Civil Engineers and a graduate of the University of Virginia.  He is certified as an ordinary seaman.  He is Geoff’s next-door neighbor. 
Roger Milllar’s talk:  Beyond Tomorrow
Transportation matters to the state.  $500 billion in goods are moved around our state. 
Some facts:
  • Almost a quarter of residents do not drive due to age, ability, and desire.
  • Over 10 people die each week on Washington roads. 
  • $1.5 billion in projects need to be done to be prepared for future earthquakes.
  • We have big challenges.  Our oldest city is 165 years old:  Steilacoom.  One of our I-5 bridges is about 100 years old.  We expect bridges to last 80 years; ferries to last 60 years.
  • Transportation is moving away from gas and diesel and the state is helping with things like charging stations.
  • The federal government supplies only 20% of our transportation budget.  Gas tax has not changed in 30 years. 
  • We pay the 4th highest gas tax in the US, but it has not kept pace with other construction (49.4 cents tax).
The single most important thing we can do is to do something about safety.  We need to rethink the budget.  No consideration for whether or not the project is needed.  We can relieve congestion by doing other things than just adding lanes; additional lanes are the most costly and takes the longest time to build.  Keeping roads in good repair can reduce congestion and accidents.  1,600 miles of payment are rated in poor condition.  15 bridges need to be replaced. 
Mr. Snappy
Won by Sean Padget after a quick trade with John Sabo.