Posted by Dirk Farrar on Mar 04, 2019
Rotary Club of Olympia
The Wheel
Today’s Program: Dave Ammons, Public Disclosure Commission
Dan Lehuta called the meeting to order at 12:31
  • Invocation by Jim Larson
  • Pledge of Allegiance by Bob Lovely
  • Song: America the Beautiful by Gloria Strait
  • Four Way Test by Kalo Wilcox
Visiting Rotarians
  • Bob Lovely, South Puget Sound
  • Brian Johnson, Hawks Prairie
  • Bob Kagy, Hawks Prairie
  • Kelimaria Brigham, Hawks Prairie
  • Jessica Henson, Hawks Prairie
Guests of Rotarians
Happy Bucks, hosted by Bill Fishburn
  • Larry Poplack - Celebrated 78th birthday in Hawaii.
  • Micki Holden-Cooper - Passed her real estate exam and her son got a job!
  • Nancy Zussy Allen- Celebrated her 72nd birthday.
  • Canela Silva Jeldres (our exchange student from Chile) – Celebrated her 17th birthday.
  • Nick Schmidt  - Turned 35 and the old Tumwater brewery had good things happening .
  • Bob Kagy from Hawks Prairie  - Announced the Paul Harris dinner for 3-28-19.
  • Oscar Soule - Brought a book back from Mexico and had some opening day Mariners tickets .
  • Fred Adair - Ttraveled to Carbon, Nevada for a service for his nephew.
  • Judy Henderson - Had a birthday but we don't know how many, she brought a book and she was happy she was not drawn for jury duty.
Dan Lehuta had us all brainstorm about what we wanted for upcoming meeting topics
District Conference
District Conference is in Victoria May 9,10 and 11.  We watched a video from District Governor Craig Gillis about the conference.  They will send an email out
Exchange Student
Warren Carlson reported our exchange student, Elinore Hendrix, is doing well and did some community service work by helping to paint a school.
Invocation Signup
Reid Bates passed around the sign up sheet for upcoming invocations
Steve Bean auctioned of a loaf of bread donated by Bill Fishburn to Steve Ryan for $20
Program – Public Disclosure Commission with Speaker Dave Ammons
Chuck Fowler introduced our speaker, Dave Ammons, Vice Chair of the Public Disclosure Commission.
Dave spoke about the need for transparency in government how the commission focuses on encouraging and enforcing that.   He discussed public disclosure laws and the rising impact and amounts of money spent on legislative races and initiative and referendum campaigns.
There were many great questions from the Rotarians.
Mr. Snappy
Al Cohen won a $25 gift cert to Meconi's donated by Amanda Walker.
Meeting adjourned at 1:35 by president Dan Lehuta