Posted by Tom McLean on Apr 29, 2019
Rotary Club of Olympia
The Wheel
Today’s Program:   Governor’s Mansion History
Meeting Called to order:   12:25 pm by President Dan Lehuta
  • Invocation by:  Reid Bates
  • Pledge of Allegiance led by:  Sean Padget
  • Song:   Nancy Zussy Allen lead the club in singing America the Beautiful
  • 4 Way Test:  Sam Bovard
Visiting Rotarians
  • Van Van Jepmond – Lacey, real estate investments
  • Keith Wagner, Senator from Sedro-Woolley, Retired military
Guests of Rotarians
Jen Boelts introduced many guests who came for the OHS Golden Bear Award presentation to Audrey Ritter.
Happy Bucks -  Hosted by Jim Leonard
  • Sam Bovard – Sam’s took him to “Home Free,” a country a capella concert.   Sam reminded everyone that Pub Night is this Thurdaday, May 2, at the Oyster House.
  • Judy Henderson – Went to New Orleans with book club; mentioned the confederate statues that have been removed.  Donated a book related to the statues.  Was in Seattle on Saturday and thankful not to be at the Mercer and Fairview location when the crane fell
  • Chuck Fowler – Was in Seattle at a maritime event 3 blocks from where the crane fell.  Thankful not to be involved.
  • Bill Fishburn – On board of Girl Scouts.  Fundraiser at Hotel Murano in Tacoma for the Girl Scouts.  Needs 5 more people for his table.  Please contact Bill if you can go.
  • Jim Balz - Appreciated Rotarians joining the Olympia High Interact Club International Dinner and birthday check with interesting challenge to double his contribution.  Jim said “my announcement plus age contribution cost me 14,040 dollars per hour to deliver....if you can figure it out I’ll double my contribution.”  (You can double your donation anyway…just cause you’re a such a great guy, Jim!)
  • Dave Sederberg – It is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day next year.  Think about what we can do in Olympia toe celebrate.  Great ArtsWalk and Procession of the Species last weekend.  Climate meeting at Olympia High. 
  • Canela Silva Jeldres – West to ArtsWalk and to Procession of the Species.  It was pretty and amazing.
  • Keith Wagner (State Senator from Sedro Wooley) – Nice to be at our club.  Shout out to Caroline Manger (who is his landlord during session).
Steve Bean auctioned the following:
  • Harlequin tickets - A Doll’s House:  May 22 – 25.  Classic drama by Henrik Gibson.  Winning bid by Jim Leonard - $40.
  • Cuban Cigars (from Jim Balz) - Winning bid by Richard Hull - $90.
  • Scuderi Eggs - Winning bid by Mary Sue Wilson - $12.
  • Bill Fishburn’s dozen bagels - Winning bid by Denny Peterson by Denny Peterson - $15.
  • Bill Fishburn’s Sourdough bread - Winning bid by Dave Sederberg - $20.
Golden Bear Award
Sarah Clinton introduced Erin Harbour, Olympia High School teacher and Varsity cheerleading coach. Erin introduced our latest Golden Bear award winner, Audrey Ritter.  Audrey has taken many AP classes and received numerous awards.  A 3-year track and field athlete, she volunteered in New Orleans, and participated in Olympia High School’s Poetry Out Loud competition.  Audrey works with special education students and established a unified cheerleading program.  She will attend Central Washington University to study special education.
Remembering Greg Bucove
Warren Carlson offered thoughts on the life and contributions of on Greg Bucove
Greg was sponsored into the club 8 years ago by Bob Wubbena.  Born in Canada, Greg had dual citizenship and met his wife, Connie, in the Peace Corps. Greg was typically the “smartest guy in the room.”  He was fluent in German, Portuguese, German, and Russian, among other languages.  If you stood next to him during the pledge, you’d notice he often recited it in some language other than English.  He was an engineer and had an engineer’s mind, and saw things as process, sequence, and cause and effect.  He remodeled his house and could tackle most any type of construction and building project.
For our District Community Grant at Nature Nurtures Pre-school, we rebuilt the playground, and one of the items couldn’t fit where it was planned.  Although it looked like a major project, Greg figured out a way to make it work with minimal disruption.  Greg worked on banners on East Bay Drive.  Working with the city and artist Nikki McClure, he got the banners established and was able to increase the number from 2 to 8.
Greg was the key player in our Rotary vans project, driving four wheelchair-accessible vans to Mexico.  Prior to delivery, he carefully went through each van and fixed things as necessary.  When something needed doing, Greg just did it.  There was never a conversation or concern about money.  
Greg worked on Rotary water projects in Malawi, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, and Bolivia, and maybe more.  While in Malawi, in additional to working on the water project, he fixed the only two x-ray machines at the hospital.  He was remarkably competent at seemingly everything.   Bob W. estimates probably 80% of the expenses for his travel and work wherever he went for Rotary were borne by Greg himself, plus he contributed to capital costs of projects as well. 
Greg made a huge impact in our community and the world and did it in a quiet way.  The list above just touches on his contributions.  He will be greatly missed by his family, friends, community, and our club.
Program - Governor’s Mansion History
Joan Houchen introduced our speaker, local historian Shanna Stevenson.   Shanna Stevenson is the past president for the Governor’s Mansion Foundation.  Shanna got her master’s degree from The Evergreen State College.  She has worked in historic preservation for over 20 years.
The Governor’s Mansion was built in 1908 in the Georgian Revival style.   It was built with a $35,000 appropriation from the Washington State Legislature.  The architects were Ambrose Russell and Everett Babcock.
The mansion bricks came from Seattle, sandstone quarried in Tenino, and lime from the San Juan islands.
Over the years, the décor has changed as time and governors have changed. 
Ms. Hay gave birth in the mansion.  President Taft visited the mansion in 1911 and kissed the baby.
There was talk during the Evans administration to tear it down; however, Governor Evans and his wife, Nancy, worked to have the mansion renovated and restored.
The Governor’s Mansion Foundation is a non-profit that works to maintain and preserve the mansion, care for the furnishings, and purchase its artworks.
The dining room features the original dining room furniture purchased by Mrs. Hay.
The mansion has on display a historic silver set.  When Admiral George Dewey came back from winning the Battle of Manilla Bay (the first major battle of the Spanish-American War: May 1, 1898, 121 years ago) he expressed frustration that the Washington State/City of Olympia had not properly recognized the accomplishment.  (The USS Olympia was the flagship of Commodore George Dewey).  Funds were raised and a silver set was crafted to commemorate the victory and presented to the ship on Sept. 26, 1899.  The USS Olympia was decommissioned in 1922 and is now a museum ship in Philadelphia
Tours of the Governor’s mansion are given most Wednesdays and are free of charge.  Often they have free chamber music performances.  The next performance will be May 20th
Tours can be set up through the Capitol Tour Office online or by calling 360-902-8880.
Mr. Snappy:   Won by Reid Bates won a $25 gift certificate to Fish Tale Brew Pub.
Meeting adjourned: by President Dan Lehuta @ 1:30 pm