This week's meeting featured Gerry Alexander talking about his experience at the Supreme Court in the People's Republic of China.
Rotary Club of Olympia
The Wheel
Date:  July 25, 2016
Today’s Program:An Olympia Yankee in the Supreme Court of China.”  
Meeting Called to order:   By President Wendy Holden
Invocation by:    Whitney Holm
Pledge of Allegiance led by: Joan Houchen
Song:  America the Beautiful, led by Gloria Strait
Four Way Test led by:  Richard Hall
Visiting Rotarians:  No visiting Rotarians this week.
Guests of Rotarians: 
  • Brent Gaither, with YMCA Youth & Government
  • Char Foster, Group Health
  • Tore Nielson introduced his grandson, Jason, and his friend Marie who were attending to hear the special program today.
  • John Hough introduced his daughter Jennifer
Happy Bucks:
Laurie Dolan gave $64 in recognition for her birthday today
Kim Dinsmore announced the schedule for his daughter Kate’s musical performances in Oregon and Washington in August.
Kyle Cronk announced his family has been reunited in Olympia and is enjoying exploring the area.  He announced the YMCA SuperGala dinner planned for September 23rd.
Nick Schmidt shared that the Senior Games were a great success and encouraged Rotarians and their friends to attend the SPSCC athletics open house on August 24th
Warren Carlson reported that his basketball team in the Senior Games came in second this year.  He shared that the team’s strategy is to outlive the team that continues to beat them every year.
Sam Bovard announced the next meeting of the Book Club is August 9th.
Gerry Alexander plugged the upcoming Festival on the Capitol Green. The Olympia Symphony celebrates the 10th anniversary of the Concert at the Capitol. The event is free and the family friendly concert is the symphony’s gift to the community.  He also thanked Thurston First Bank as the sponsor.
Gloria Strait just returned from a choir trip to Vienna.  Although the director fell off stage and broke her arm during rehearsal, the show went on and was a success.
President Wendy announced the new process for joining a Rotary friendship exchange and asked members interested to contact Gloria Strait for approval from the Club prior to signing up.  Members will be contacted by Rotary International directly now, but must get Club approval before registering for an exchange.
The annual picnic is in two weeks at Swantown Marina.  You must pay the $20 lunch fee in cash or by check; tokens and credit cards cannot be accepted.  Please RSVP immediately to Neil DeBoer.
John Hough announced the Rotary Foundation seminar in Lakewood and encouraged Club members interested in global and district community grants to register.
Judy Blinn asked members if they would like to order Rotary shirts customized with the name of our club.  Many members are interested, so she will continue to research the options.
President Wendy offered a follow up to the work group discussions from earlier in the month.  She said a recruitment and classification task force led by Sam Bovard will begin immediately looking to bring more diversity to the Club in the future.  Please RSVP to Sam if you are interested in participating. 
Steve Bean auctioned off a dozen green eggs to Kim Dinsmore for $24, and ten figs donated by Judge Mary Sue Wilson.  Caroline Manger was the winner of the figs also for $24.
An Olympia Yankee in the Supreme Court of China.”  
By Gerry Alexander  
Gerry related his recent experience as an expert witness on Washington law at a hearing before the Supreme Court of China.  He shared similarities and differences between the US court system and what he experienced in China.  
He said that expert witnesses are not usually allowed in Chinese proceedings, unless the issue involved international jurisdictions, which is how he was invited to testify. 
Microsoft had been sued by a Chinese company for patent infringement for use of a font of Chinese characters in their products. 
The Supreme Court of China asked Gerry for his opinion regarding Washington laws regarding the interpretation of contractual agreements.  The hearing was held on May 16 in Beijing.
His wife Christina made the trip with him and they had an opportunity to spend some time visiting the area between the mock cross examination and the hearing.  He found the people to be very welcoming and friendly toward Americans.  
The hearing lasted three hours without a break, and Gerry spoke before lawyers representing both sides as well as the three presiding judges.  He said the final written judgment on the case has not yet been issued.    
Mr. Snappy: $50 gift certificate to Mercato’s family of restaurants, donated by Zale Crawford and won by Bill Lahmann
Meeting adjourned: By President Wendy at 1:30 p.m.