This week's program brought a panel of candidates for the  two positions up for election for Port of Olympia Commissioner.  
Olympia Rotary Meeting Minutes
October 12, 2015
President Jack Calls meeting to order 12:20 PM
Invocation:  Don Chalmers
Pledge:  Sam Bovard
Song:  God Bless America
4-Way:  Lori Arnone
Gretchen-Visiting Rotarians:
Chris County, South Puget Sound
Bill McGregor, Lacey
Jerry Farmer, Gateway
Rotarians Song was sung
Cindy Zechmann introduced Jeff Davis, Former Port Commissioner
Cecelia Loveless introduced Nick Schmidt (SPSCC AD) and Victoria Schmidt
Happy Bucks with Dan Lehuta:
Caroline Manger
Birthday Month, 7th Birthday for her grandson, son’s birthday
Don Chalmers—returned from Beijing China and had his first board meeting with the Autism Housing Coalition
Sean Padget—50th Birthday
Mark Boyer—Office went to LA to see UW beat USC, the Big Brothers and Big Sisters had their auction at the Great Wolf Lodge
Special Announcements:
Cool Jazz is Nov. 21, and they need volunteers
Buy or sell at least 2 tickets
High School Performances are from 10am-4pm and it is free
Wine and Beer Tasting is from 7PM-10PM
$50, bring in donations for baskets
Cecelia Loveless introduces newest Rotarian Nick Schmidt
Born in Olympia
Father was an Olympia Rotarian—Nico
Grandfather Bink was a Rotarian
Went to Capital HS
Went to WWU
Seattle U for grad work, SMU teaching Certificate
Bowling exceptions $10 many chose to do this (approx. 15)
Warren bought his knife back for $5
2 tickets to a UW Football Game $100 Allen Miller
Scuderi Eggs $40 Bill McGregor
BBQ and Smoked Salmon $40 Sean Padget
Program of the Day
Jim Larson moderates a panel for the Port of Olympia Commissioner Candidates
The Port of Olympia has the Airport, Port, New Market, and Farmers Market
Port’s Job is to foster economic growth
81% Positive Rating in the community
3 commissioners are elected on a 4 year term and 1 executive dir.
2 positions are up for election
Port Com 1--Barner vs Downing
Port Com 2-- Farmer vs Zita
Questions to the candidates:
  1. Are you in support of the Fuel dock at Swan Town Marina?
Zita-Yes, if it pays for itself
Barner was not present
  1. Cleanup of Port Dredging and Pollution and Legacy Pollution?
Downing—Look at cost, and what community wants
Zita—NO! to dredging
Farmer-Dredging is OK
  1. Deep Water Marine Terminal—close and pay off bonds?
Zita—Close most likely, Ferry Terminal should be here, no dredging, more use of the community for the shoreline
Farmer—Yes to the deep water port
Downing—yes to the deep water, more diverse cargo
  1. Econ Development and use of tax dollars for port
Downing-yes on tax support, diversify cargo
Farmer—yes on tax and econ development
Zita—pay off bonds, solar panels on port property
All favor Citizen Advisory Committee
New Lines of Business
  • Farmer—Food hub, cruise ships, Hotel and Convention Center, Retail Shops at Swan Town, fuel dock
  • Zita—Food hub, farmers market, renewable energy, transit
  • Downing—foreign trade, food systems, leasing properties, add to the airport
Mr. Snappy
Amanda Walker won $20 gift certificate to Vivala donated by Cheryl Shelby
Meeting Adjourned 1:30PM