This week's speakers featured the candidates running for Olympia Mayor and candidates running for Olympia City Council, seat #2.
For October 5, 2015, at The Red Lion Hotel
Meeting called to order by:  President Jack Belmont
Invocation by:  Seth Goldstein
Song:  Gloria Strait – My Country Tis of Thee
Four Way Test: Warren Carlson
Visiting Rotarians:  Jane Jackson – Anchorage East                       
Guests of Rotarians:  Gerry Alexander’s friend Walt Jorgensen, Gloria Strait introduced Carla Gonzales from the Marco Rossi campaign and Fred Adair Introduced his wife Mary Jane, Ray Guerra from the Marco Rossi campaign and Brian Martin introduced his wife Deana.
Happy Bucks: 
Jane Jackson from Rotary East Anchorage Rotary – brought a flag and serves on a non-profit for Nepal.   Nancy Zussy Allen was selected to a Sweet Adeline’s group that will travel to perform in New Zealand.  Tim Stokes thanked everyone for their support of the SPSCC event that raised over $500,000 for scholarships.  Sean Padgett is celebrating his 50th birthday season, invites everyone to Pub Night at Mercato on Wednesday night and invites everyone to Martin Sexton at the Washington Center.  Sam Bovard invited everyone to the Book Club meeting at Mercato.  Kalo Wilcox is excited to be joining the board of the Thurston County Food Bank and is excited that her 4
 year old granddaughter is riding a pedal bike.  
Kim Dinsmore
Cool Jazz is coming up. is the website and also see it on our club's website homepage  The event has raised over $1 million for water projects around the world and has donated over 500 instruments to local students. 
Rotary Moment
Pat Rants talked about when his family took in a Rotary exchange student from France and the great experience he had and how the death of Princess Diana really captured the imagination of his exchange student and how they were able to see the world through her eyes.    
Steve Bean auctioned off 12 Scuderi Farm eggs to Kim Dinsmore for $25.  He also auctioned off exclusion from the Yelm Rotary bowling tournament for $10 per person.  The majority of the club’s members volunteered to pay $10 for the privilege NOT to bowl in the tournament
PROGRAM:  Dick Cushing introduced Cheryl Selby and Marco Rossi as the two candidates for Mayor of Olympia and Judy Bardin and Jessica Bateman as two candidates for Olympia City Council seat #2. The candidates each had 5 minutes to introduce themselves and talk about their platform.
Cheryl Selby is a current member of the Olympia City Council and the owner of Vivala, a boutique clothing store.  Cheryl touts a proven commitment to the community of Olympia.  She moved to Olympia and raised her two daughters in Olympia.  She worked for the City of Olympia in several capacities and will bring a balanced approach to the job.  She has a generous leadership style and will be the quarterback for the team.  She plans to run the city with a three legged approach – People, Planet & Prosperity. 
Marco Rossi is a running for Mayor because he believes that the city faces a tough future.  There will be 20,000 new residents in the City of Olympia and the city will have to change to support all the new residents.  Marco feels that there are many voices that are not heard in our current government.  He quoted MLK, Jr. on leadership and building consensus.  He has served locally in homeless outreach, on an advisory board for sexual assault victims and is a proud union member.  He cited a high poverty rate of 16% for Olympia and he wants to strengthen rights for workers, tenants and the homeless.  He wants to address poverty and sustainability, he wants to expand democracy through a district system, to make the City Manager an elected position and to have greater police accountability. 
Jessica Bateman is running for the City Council position based on her experience with state, local and non-profits.  She worked for Chris Reykdal and has a degree from TESC in public administration.  She is on the board of GRuB and she wants to address homelessness in downtown Olympia by working with SideWalk and Homes First!  She believes that economic development helps everyone.  She wants to foster a spirit of collaboration and get more market rate housing in downtown Olympia.  She also wants to work for safe & walkable neighborhoods, open spaces and recreation and a strong local economy. 
Judy Bardin is running for city council after a life of work in public health.  She spent years in nursing, then received her doctorate and was a technical expert on air quality.  She is a proud to have the endorsement of the unions, women’s groups and environmental groups.  She previously served on the utility advisory committee and the planning commission.  Judy wants a public toilet in downtown Olympia.  She believes in sustainable planning and that we need to address sea level rise and climate change.  She supports the Prop 1 for Parks.
All candidates were asked to address the capitol lake vs. estuary situation.
Cheryl Selby said there is a lot of science and history that has taken place on this subject over the years and that it will ultimately be up to the committee to make the hard decision weighing the recreation/environmental/economic impacts of the decision. 
Marco Rossi said that he believes that it needs to be transitioned back to an estuary and that we need to act now.
Jessica Bateman said that there are a lot of considerations for cost vs. benefit on the environmental and economic side of the equation and that we can dredge the lake now while we wait for the committee to make a decision. 
Judy Bardin said that as a scientist the idea of an estuary appeals to her and that it needs to be a community decision and that the idea of a dual basin may be the solution. 
Candidates were asked to address the Proposition 1 for Parks funding – will the money go to maintenance or for acquisition of new parks:
Cheryl Selby – It will go to both.
Marco Rossi – There is no parks plan, we don’t know where the money will go.
Jessica Bateman – Both. 
Judy Bardin – Both – The health effects of parks are very important and trees do many good things. 
Mr. Snappy Winner: Janice Wharton – Gift Certificate to the Farmer’s Market
Meeting adjourned by President Jack Belmont