Our Program was Linnea Alexander, our rebound student  who spent a Rotary Youth Exchange year ( 2014-2015) in Brazil sponsored by our club. She is now back at Olympia High for her Senior year.
Olympia Rotary Meeting Minutes
November 2, 2015
President Jack Calls meeting to order 12:20 PM
Invocation:  Wendy Holden
Pledge:  Rosemary Barnhart
Song:  Nancy Zussy Allen, God Bless America
4-Way Test:  Terry Anderson
Gretchen-Visiting Rotarians:
Clare Ferris, Funeral Services Capital
Visiting Rotarian Song was sung
Richard Hull was a guest of Gerry Alexander
Happy Bucks with Dan Lehuta:
Clare Ferris—Teddy Bear Tea Party November 27, 2:30-4:30PM Olympia Elks
Sean Murphy—Birthday Month, and now Associate Director for Pac Mountain Workforce Development
Warren Carlson—Trend West Vacation in Vancouver was outstanding, Son arrived back from Taiwan, and he is on the bowling team
Paul Knox—Fliers on the table for Moving Beyond Poverty, Nov. 17 8AM-11:30 at the Red Lion.  Donna Beagle main speaker
Carol Murphy—Proud mother of a son on the 8th grade youth football championship.  Beat Tumwater
Exchange Students talked about their Halloween Experiences
Pres Troy—He has now been to 43 countries, just got back from Taiwan
Ronnie Roberts—went to the International Police Chiefs Conference and it was great
Colleen Gillespie—100 dollars put in because she has been gone for a few weeks.  Had surgery on her shoulder, Named 1 of the top women financial advisors, 20th wedding anniversary, and October 20th opened her own Wealth Management Company
Diane Gallegos—had 35 people attend an event on “about being a wildlife expert”
Jim Balz—Not 10th Interact Veteran’s Event at OHS 9:30AM in the commons
Ed Obie—Mom is 101 years old
Special Announcements:
Cool Jazz is Nov. 21, and they need volunteers
Classification Talk by Robert Coit, Dir. At the Thurston County Foodbank
Awards given to:  Warren Carlson—Pin +2 Paul Harris Fellows
Corinna Phillips—Paul Harris +3
Dennis Phillips—Paul Harris initial and +1
Dan Lehuta filling in for Caroline Manger and her story
Program of the Day
Maureen Considine introduces Linnea Alexander an Olympia High School returning Rotary Exchange Student.  She has returned from a year in Brazil
Linnea thanks Rotary for the chance at the great opportunity to be and exchange student
Brazil was her first choice
She is a senior now at Olympia High School
She is an only child
Went to Bahia, Brazil.  It is in the NE Section of the country
Had 3 host families
Traveled to Argentina, Uruguay, Rio, and the Amazon while there
What she loved about Brazil:  Food, Attitude, Music, Dance, Language, and the beaches
Thank you so much Rotary!!!!
Mr. Snappy
Dennis Cooper won a 60” red Coral Necklace donated by Barbara and Oscar Soule.
Meeting Adjourned 1:24PM