This past week's club meeting featured a memorable presentation about Healing Hearts Ranch and the wonderful connection between us and horses.
Rotary Club of Olympia
The Wheel
December 21, 2015
Program: Healing Hearts Ranch
Meeting called to order by:  President Jack Belmont
Invocation by:  Sarah Clinton
Pledge of Allegiance led by:  Greg Bucove
Song:  Gloria Strait – God Bless America & We Wish You a Merry Christmas
Visiting Rotarians:  Gateway – Kathleen Thomas   
Guests of Rotarians:  Olympia Interact Club – Zoe, Hanna, Eva and Whitney, Jim Balz introduced Keith Moody, Skip Steffen introduced Jody Arborough, Bob Heck introduced his wife Katherine, Holly Mason introduced her son Alex Mason.
Happy Bucks:  Mary Sue Wilson – Celebrating her 51st birthday and Christmas with family in Sumner.  Pat Rants – encouraged members to promote Allen Miller for city council.  Gloria Strait – 73rd Birthday.  Oscar Soule – Had breakfast at the congressional dining room with Denny Heck and donated two books from his trip.   
Steve Bean sold a jar of Oscar Soule’s Tayberry Jam to Ron Rants for $100. 
The Olympia Rotary Interact Club sold homemade cookies for $70 to Cindy Zechmann.
Gerry Alexander was recognized for adding a new member to our club, Richard Hull.
Bob Heck – New Rotarian Classification Talk – Bob was raised in Olympia and is the son of Congressman Denny Heck.  Bob was adopted and so was his little brother.  Bob attended Willamette University in Oregon.  He worked for the university after graduating and then went to night school and earned his MBA while he working full time.  Bob lived in Vancouver, WA for a short time before moving back to Olympia to work on his father’s campaign.  He met his wife on the campaign and they moved to D.C. and got engaged in D.C.  He later moved back to Olympia, bought a house in Olympia and now works for Kiley Juergens Wealth Management.     
PROGRAM:  Steve Bean introduced Kristy Dees-Telloian to discuss Healing Hearts Ranch, a therapeutic horse ranch located off Little Rock Road in the Olympia area.  Steve has known Kristy for years and she was his trainer at The Valley Athletic Club. 
Kristy started her presentation with a painting of George Washington and his horse and said that America would not be the country that it is today without horses.  George Washington was considered the best horseman of the era and his ability to ride greatly contributed to his military success. 
Kristy talked about her daughter with Down Syndrome and how she found that horse therapy was very successful in helping her daughter’s development with crawling and crossing her center line.  Kristy’s experiences with her daughter led to the creation of the Healing Hearts Ranch. 
Healing Hearts Ranch is home to HeartStrides, a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization.
The ranch is located at 3500 85th Lane SW Olympia, WA 98512, off of Little Rock Road.  It is nestled in a natural setting, with a specialized, covered mounting ramp and arena. The facility also provides a wooded trail which is a particular favorite of participants.
From the website:  “Horseback riding is naturally therapeutic. The movement of the horse at the walk provides a multi-sensory experience. There are noticeable improvements in balance, strength, coordination, as well as enhanced social relationships, emotional awareness, and improved self-esteem.”
For more information, visit
HeartStrides Therapeutic Riding is the non-profit organization that helps with treatment of disabilities, ADHD, and veterans. 
For more information on HeartStrides, visit
From the website, “HeartStrides was founded in 2010 by Kristy Dees and Jim Telloian. Their daughter Magn was born in 1997 and diagnosed with Down Syndrome. Kristy and Jim found that Magn's life was dramatically transformed by therapeutic riding and soon envisioned building a program that would further enhance the lives of others in their community. As a result Healing Hearts Ranch was born and soon after HeartStrides Therapeutic Riding was established to further serve the disability community.”
Mr. Snappy Winner: John Hough - $30 Boston Harbor Marina Gift Card
It was announced that approximately $971 had been raised by passing the basket to thank Carol from the Red Lion for her service over the course of the year.
Meeting adjourned by President Jack Belmont