Featured at this meeting was Olympia School District Superintendent Dick Cvitanich, who spoke about an upcoming school levy and bond issue.
Rotary Club of Olympia
The Wheel
Date:  December 7, 2015
Meeting called to order by: President Jack Belmont
Invocation by: Don Chalmers  
Pledge of Allegiance led by: Judy Henderson
Song:  Nancy Zussy “My Country Tis of Thee”
Four Way Test led by:  Mark Elliott
Visiting Rotarians: 
John Dracup, University Professor, San Francisco #2
Guests of Rotarians
Ralph Munro introduced Amanda Reed, Capital Land Trust, Lloyd Flint, All Aboard Washington
Happy Bucks:--The Honorable Debra Stephens Presiding
Judy Henderson has been gone 3 months visiting 26 countries in Africa and Europe. She presented Polio Plus checks, supported polio immunizations and attended several local Rotary meetings. Judy was also present on October 13 for World Polio Day in Namibia. Please give generously to Polio Plus- your gift will now be met with a 3X match from the Gates Foundation.
Cyndi Zechmann returned from a trip to Fairbanks Alaska where she saw amazing Northern Lights. Cyndi shared a harrowing story with us about her experience driving to a gig in Bellevue. A horse had gotten loose from its owner and slammed into her car deploying her airbags. The horse was badly injured and had to be euthanized. Cyndi then drove her car to the performance, not wanting to disappoint people!
John Hough donated the cookbook Good and Cheap by Leanne Brown for the literacy program. For every copy purchased a copy is donated to food banks.
   Our Youth Exchange Students shared experiences that included a fun girls’ night in Victoria, an 18th birthday celebration and Trivial Pursuit marathon and new cultural experiences (turning lights off at night!)
Marv Reiner moved to Patriot’s Landing so can’t come to meetings as often, but he is still operating the Christmas Tree business and one of his tress is in the Capitol Rotunda. He would appreciate a ride to the meetings if anyone is in his area.
Brian Martin was grateful for support to the Family Support Center that included Laurie and Abby Carpet donating a FAX machine and PEO donated $600 in clothing for an adopted family.
John Dracup from San Francisco #2 announced we are down to 57 polio cases. This is his 3rd visit to our club- and he is convinced we are stealing CA’s water with all of the rain he experienced while visiting
Announcements and Misc.
Trent Hart announced there are still 9 slots available for bell ringing. You can also give donations for Salvation Army to Trent.
Fred Adair gave a statistician Polio Plus update and great progress is being made. There were 60 cases in 2015 down from 315 cases in 2014. A basket was passed for Polio Plus donations through the Olympia rotary Foundation-Polio Plus
Nancy Riordan gave the Rotary moment focused on events that took place on December 7 including celebration of festival and 1941 Pearl Harbor Anniversary. Jonas Salk through funding by March of Dimes discovered a vaccine to prevent polio (followed by Sabin with another version) with over 4 million doses given in 1955. Note: In 1955 there were 28,985 cases of polio. Nancy’s aunt spent over a year in an iron lung.
Scott Schoengarth from Entertainment Explosion announced “The Big Shoe” on February 21 at the Washington Center. The show will have a folk music theme. Entertainment Explosion is a non-profit performing troupe, featuring citizens ages 50 and over with all proceeds going to support homeless children.
John Hough auctioned 2 gift certificates from the Christmas Tree Farm.
Program- Superintendent Dick Cvitanich
Olympia School District Replacement Levy and Construction Bond
On the February 9, 2016 Special Election ballot, Olympia School District voters will consider two ballot measures ─ a four-year maintenance and operations replacement levy and a school improvements construction bond.
The levy would replace one approved by voters in 2012 to help pay for day-to-day needs such as teaching, school supplies, athletics and activities and transportation.
The Olympia School Board agreed to place a school bond on the ballot to address the continued growth in enrollment districtwide and smaller class size required at the elementary school level. The proposed bond calls for updating school security, renovating aging school buildings and some athletic fields, building a larger performance theater at Capital High School, and making other facility improvements.
Mr. Snappy: a 16 inch pearl necklace donated by the Soules’
Meeting adjourned at 1:30 pm by President Jack Belmont