Reporter - Mark Boyer
Our featured speaker for this week's meeting was Calvin Johnson.  Mr. Johnson is a native of Olympia, went to OHS, and then pioneered a music industry right here in town by forming numerous bands and establishing the "K" recording label.
Rotary Club of Olympia
The Wheel
Date:  2/1/2016                                  
Today’s Program: Calvin Johnson
Meeting Called to order:   President Jack
Invocation by: Carol Murphy
Pledge of Allegiance led by: Dick Cushing
Song:  Gloria Straight
Four Way Test led by:  Gerald Pumphrey
Visiting Rotarians:  Marnee Obendorf, Pat Beehler and Bob Lovely
Guests of Rotarians:  Tom McClain, Mary Jane Adair, Nat Jackson and Michael Stein
Happy Bucks: Sean Murphy-tribute/donation for ill grandfather
Reid Bates-Birthday money and birth of Granddaughter
Mandella-Trip to Seattle
John Sabo-Foundation Dinner Announcement
Christy Peters-Reminder of Iowa Caucus
Honza-Funny story about what gym his friend was going to, response was “Y”
Holly Mason-Grandson auditioned and was accepted to Boston Ballet
Rosemary Barnhart-Shout out to Chuck Fowler and Jill Barnes for their work at the WA Center
Faedia-5 months left on her exchange program, plans to live to the fullest
Warren Carlson-Spent 3 weeks in India
Allen Miller-Introduced Kyle Cronk, YMCA Director
Announcements: Pat Beehler, new assistant district Gov. introduced by Marnee
Judy Blinn received Paull Harris plus 3 Pin
Preston-accounted for his Rotary Moment while volunteering at the Salvation Army bell ringing
Program: Oscar introduced Calvin Johnson of K Media Record Label
  • Calvin was born and raised in Olympia, Graduate of Evergreen.
  • Discussed the music scene in Olympia, specifically Sub-Pop or Punk Rock.
  • Inspired to start label to bring back the love and soul that music brought him, take the commercialization out of music.
  • Discussed the importance of revitalizing downtown has on the music scene.
Mr. Snappy: Won by Sean Padget
​Click HERE for Slide show of meeting highlights:
Meeting adjourned: 1:30