This week's lunch meeting featured talks about police work and technology with the sheriffs of King and Thurston Counties.
Rotary Club of Olympia
The Wheel
Date:  2/22/2016
Today’s Program:  Law Enforcement and Technology
To see a slide show of photos taken, click HERE.
Meeting Called to order:   12:30
Invocation by:    Judy Blinn
Pledge of Allegiance led by:  Jewel Goddard
Song:  Dennis Williams
Four Way Test led by:  Jim Larson
Visiting Rotarians: 
  • Jon Tunheim  West Olympia
  • John Skinder   West Olympia
  • Bob Lovely      Puget Sound
Guests of Rotarians:   
  • Susan Strong, Howard Bronson, Thomas McClain, Pat Carlson, Anthony Hamsted
Happy Bucks:  
  • Cecilia Lovelace (great things at St. Martins)
  • Warren Carlson (Sidewalk)
  • Jim Larson (7th grandchild)
  • Jewel Goddard (completed his book)
  • Sarah Clinton (International Dinner 4/28 Oly HS)
  • Nick Schmidt (SPSCC Basketball)
  • Wendy Holden (grandson recovering)
  • Fred Adair  (house keeper announcement)
  • Jim Mosses (THRIVE 4/22-4/24)
  • Ken Dinsmore (Jazz Festival-Water Project-KPLU-Pub Nite)
  • 14th Annual Rotary Auction 4/30 Little Creek Casino
  • THRIVE “Heart Strides” Healing Hearts Ranch 4/22
  • 16th Annual Rotary Foundation Dinner 3/24 Indian Summer
  • Contact Gina Carlson to join the Public Relations Committee
Classification Talk:
Laurie Dolan…Grandfather  Cary Smith Prosecuting Attorney Port Townsend when Washington was still a territory, Cousin to Ralph Munro,  Spokane Public Schools 73- 04 started as educator in Spokane then moved to administration, 05-09 Governor’s Policy Director, has had two stem cell transplants and finds each day important, she feels after two transplants “you do not suffer fools anymore”, volunteers at Sidewalk on Thursdays (veterans day), running for the State’s House of Representatives…
Auction:  We learned that eggs end crime
Program:  King County Sheriff John Urquhart and Thurston County Sherriff John Snaza discussed how technology has changed law enforcement.
Sheriff Snaza… Technology has enabled the mapping of schools and even details such as where to get a keys, it has enabled law enforcement to identify the fastest routes and even what traffic conditions look like, it has created an environment where information is shared via social media before a press release has been prepared…
Sheriff   Urquhart… Did you know that you can serve in our military but not in law enforcement or the fire service if you are not a citizen that the talk for a household of color includes what to do when you are pulled over by law enforcement? That technology particularly phone cameras has changed what we see and when we see it, that body cameras create challenges for law enforcement due to public records requests and the time it takes to redact the footage before making it available in order to protect our privacy…
Questions: FBI and Apple? My view is that Apple should comply with a court order… How can you justify the cost of a camera verses other needs? Each community needs to balance local needs… I feel that cameras protect all of us… comments included we live in a great community…
Mr. Snappy:  The lucky winner will have dinner at Mercato’s.  Donated by the Rants Group.
Meeting adjourned:  1:28