We had a special guest as our speaker for this meeting.  It was Scott Carson, former CEO of Boeing.  See below for details of his remarks.
Olympia Rotary
April 11, 2016
The Wheel
President Jack Calls meeting to order 12:22 PM
Invocation:  Seth Goldstein
Pledge:  Carol Murphy
Tell:  My Country Tis of Thee, Dennis Williams
4-Way:  Sharon Weinberg
Gretchen-Visiting Rotarians:
Tom Farrell
Lacey-Tom Nelson, Dental Administration
Mile Folze-Twin Cities Rotary (Chehalis/Centralia)
Denise Kegan-Tumwater Rotary
Judy Henderson—Don McClean
Jim Balz-2 visitors
Jim Brown and Savanah Clark
Happy Bucks with Sean Murphy:
Sean Murphy—Grandpa was the youngest Rotarian when he joined, and the oldest in the club when he passed on.
Oscar Soule—Thanks to Seth Goldstein, Zeb Hoffman the College Hammer Throw Record at TESC and was 2nd in the weight throw at the Indoor NAIA National Championship in the winter (in the 35 Pound Weight Throw)
Fatihe (Exchange Student)—Spring Break was really fun
Sarah Clinton—Husband got home from deployment just in time for Spring Break
Seth Goldstein—Son Ozi was part of the Olympia Robotics Team that qualified for Worlds
Hannah Neslon—will be attending BYU
Zoe Scuderi—will be attending UW
Jim Balz—delivered his Birthday Check that he announced at last week’s Happy Bucks.
Rotary Exchange Student Honza—Thanked Christy Peters for all her help.  Wanted to go fishing and got a fishing license.  He was happy.
Vida Zvirzdy-Farler—Art’s Walk coming, ODA Cleanup is April 16
Kelli Hegsted—Presented at DLTA, YWCA Spring Into Action Event April 28th at the Red Lion
Dana Pethia—April 30th is the SMU Dragon Boat Festival at the Port Plaza.  52 Teams, 1200 Team Members, 3000 Attendees will be there.
Cecelia Loveless—Luau at SMU last weekend 400 Attendees, Scholarship Reception this past weekend.
Rotary Inductee:
Rashi Gupta, Legislative Services, Senior Policy Analyst for the House of Representative
Special Announcements:
  • Incoming District Governor Tom Carroll
DLTA for our Region will be here at the Red Lion June 24-25
  • Denise Kegan awarded the Rotary Interact Club Award—Champions for Literacy to Hannah Nelson and Zoe Scuderi.  Their Book Collection go the award.  They gave cook books to the Thurston County Foodbank and others to the South Sound Reading Foundation.
  • Tom Iovanne--Dine-A-Round info, sign-up sheets on tables.
  • Judy Blinn—Carl Reder Award Info
Jack Belmont purchased the Scuderi Eggs for $40
Ralph Munro Intro, Explained his time with Boeing
The speaker Scott Carson started with Boeing right after Ralph did.
Scott Carson Timeline:
1968 Started at Boeing
1969 Met Wife
1970 went to WSU
Started at Safeco Insurance, went back to Boeing shortly after.  And went into Finance with Boeing.
Talk went into his career moves, Cold War, and defense info
Talked about Ail Rig Platform reuse into satellite launch area
He was the Chief Financial Officer of Defense Section of the company, and looking for partner
Talked about the McDonnel Douglas Merger
Change in production line 2001 because of the earthquake damaged building and other items
Boeings 100 year anniversary in July
737 is 49 years old
B52 started in 1952 and going to at least 2019 and possibility 2024.  Built to last!
Questions from Rotarians:
Working with Change to Composites
Answered: 787 easy, but composites are hard to repair in the field.
Biggest challenge is that they are built in 4 areas of the world.
747-8 out of competitions (Freighter)/Competition vs Airbus
Answered: Compete plane vs plane: Boeing is better
Most profitable plane is the 737
AOG—Airplane on Ground
Boeing supporting (sending workers to the plane wherever it is) in the field.   Sending teams to fix.  Boeing has great support.
Union is holding back jobs, it is an economic reality.
Mr. Snappy
$50 Gift Card to Regal Cinemas
Ron Rants won
Meeting Adjourned 1:29PM
Yours in scribe, Brad Hooper