Today’s Program:  Annual Earth Day Presentation by our past president Oscar Soule.
To view a photo slide show of this meeting (with EARTH WIND and FIRE music), click HERE.  (Note - This slide show will only be active for a couple of months after publishing)
Rotary Club of Olympia
The Wheel
Date:  4/18/2016
Today’s Program:  Annual Earth Day Presentation
Meeting Called to Order by President Jack Belmont 12:15.
Invocation by:  Cheryl Selby
Pledge of Allegiance led by:  Bob Heck
Song:  “America the Beautiful” accompanied by Dennis Williams
Four Way Test led by:  Jay Burney
Visiting Rotarians:  None. . . Remember to invite your friends!
There were three guests of Rotarians.
Happy Bucks: 
  • Debra Stephens – Celebrating the gorgeous day!
  • Amanda Walker – Invite to inauguration of President George Bridges
  • Exchange Student Jan (Honza) Vesely - Lacey Rotary fines and no fish in Puget Sound
  • Gloria Strait – Bloodworks needs blood
  • Colleen Gillespie – Just added a new wealth management advisor
  • Exchange Student Manoela Pitta Lopes de Andrade – Sleep over and chocolate cake
  • Jim Balz – Happy about fishing
  • Kim Dinsmore - Annual Rotary Cool Jazz Festival - November 19th
  • Dennis Adams – Paul McCartney Concert (was also there in 1964)
Neil DeBoer received his new Paul Harris Fellow (he had won the raffle drawing and $1,000 credit toward his PHF+1 at the Rotary Foundation Dinner).
New Members:
Anthony Hemstad (International Trade/Investment) sponsored by Ralph Munro
Tom Lally (GHB Insurance) sponsored by Zale Crawford
Tom McLean (Certified Financial Planner) sponsored by Sean Padget
Eggs and two bottles of wine from Grand Vin Wine Merchants (Andrea Lynch)
Does wine pair well with eggs? – Ask Ron Rants
Program:  Annual Earth Day Presentation by Oscar Soule
Oscar gave Rotary Environmental Protection Awards to:
  1.  Ron Thomas of Thomas Architecture Studio – Trying to “improve lives by design” by creating thriving, sustainable downtown housing.
  2. Olympia Seafood Company – Kira & Tony DeRito.  16 years of business, selling top quality seafood, guaranteeing customer satisfaction and sustainable business practices.
“Professor Oscar” then gave an excellent presentation on climate change.  There are many encouraging developments with record numbers of coal plants being shut down and record numbers of solar panels being installed. 
One of the most dramatic developments is Tesla’s “Power Wall,” a home size battery (about the size of a heat pump), that could store extra solar and wind energy for later use.  Some of the most forward thinking examples are on farms in the heartland where solar and wind energy are produced and trees are planted for carbon sequestration. 
Dennis Adams asked: “What percentage of climate change is caused by humans?”
Oscar’s response:  “What the hell . . . we’ve caused the whole damn thing.”
(Audience laughter)
Oscar also talked about the impact of the Paris Accord on world efforts to mitigate climate change.  Even Pope Francis is involved with his “Climate Encyclical.”
Mr. Snappy:  Bob Wubbena won a $50 gift certificate to someplace we can’t remember.
Next Week’s Meeting?  Dick Nichols Awards – Joint meeting with West Side Rotary (Red Lion - $20; no tokens; plated meal)
The meeting was adjourned at 1:38 pm.