Posted by Peter Brennan on May 02, 2016
This week's meeting featured four of our "seasoned" members telling their stories and introduced by our favorite MC, Steve Bean.
To view a photo slide show of this meeting (accompanied by a great rendition of Clair De Lune), click HERE.  (Note - This slide show will only be active for a couple of months after publishing).
Rotary Club of Olympia
The Wheel
Date:  May 2 2016
Today’s Program:  Seasoned Rotarians
Meeting called to order by:  President Jack Belmont
Invocation by:  Cyndi Zechmann
Pledge of Allegiance led by:  Wendy Holden
Song: National Anthem led by Dennis Williams
Four Way Test led by:  Chuck Fowler
Visiting Rotarians:  Gretchen introduced Jeff Reiner, Aberdeen and Jon Tunheim from Olympia West
Guests of Rotarians
Jim Balz’s brother Doug
Happy Bucks:--a few highlights
Gerry Alexander gave an $80 check in recognition of his 80th birthday on April 28.  To celebrate, Gerry and his family attended the Turner Classic Film Festival in Los Angeles. 
Kelli Hegsted announced the Boys and Girls Club of Thurston County is holding a birthday bash to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Foundation for the Future breakfast on May 19th.  Seats are still available.
Joe Scuderi is planning a Rotary Dine-a-Round reunion at a local lake.  Details coming soon.
Dr. Jim Balz presented an Antique Medical Device that only he can describe.  It was used in the 19th century by the medical profession but is now only practiced by politicians.
Warren Carlson just returned from a trip to New York City, where he enjoyed a Mariners vs. Yankees game. 
Katie Wojke from Saint Martin’s University recognized a busy weekend that included the Chamber of Commerce, Pope John Paul II High School, and SMU Dragon Boat Race events. 
Wendy Holden just returned from 2 ½ weeks in Mexico and also announced that she is coordinating a Olympia Rotary table for any interested in attending the Boys & Girls Club Foundation for the Future breakfast on May 19th.  Please contact her if you would like to join the Rotary table.
Vida Zvirzdys-Farler announced the Olympia Downtown Association’s Girls Night Out on May 12.  Festivities begin at10:00 AM and run until 8:30 PM.  Please see the ODA website for more information.
Marv Reiner announced that he was recently recognized for his 59 years as a Paul Harris sustaining member.  Many of those years were with the Aberdeen Club and now with the Olympia Rotary Club. 
Announcements and Misc.
Steve Bean auctioned the Joe Scuderi eggs, which were won by Judge Mary Sue Wilson for $25.  He also auctioned two tickets to Harlequin Productions’ “Language Archive” performance donated by Harlequin Productions.  Cyndi Zechmann was the winning bidder. 
Judy Blinn asked all members wearing their Rotary bling to stand and be recognized and highly recommends that all members display their bling at next week’s meeting. 
Program:  “Seasoned Rotarians”
Steve Bean introduced Warren Carlson who spoke about his Rotary experience and introduction to SideWalk, an organization that he volunteers for weekly placing homeless into housing.  He also recalled a trip to South Africa where he met a Rotarian doing mission work that continues today.  He feels the weekly Rotary meetings connect him to the community and he values the programs very much.  He also enjoys the book club and time spent visiting with fellow Rotarians, including visiting other clubs when he travels.
Rosemary Barnhart, who joined the club in 2002, talked about how much she values the certification talks and learning about the professions of club members.  She said she first joined a committee that was not very active, but shortly thereafter moved to the program committee which she eventually chaired.  She said a highlight for her was the 2009 Group Study Exchange to Germany, where she broke her leg on the 5th day of the trip.  She also loves driving our exchange students back to school following lunch meetings where she learns so much about their experiences.  She thanked the club for being her encyclopedia of careers. 
Holly Mason joined the club in 2000.  She admitted she was a reluctant Rotarian at first.  She reviewed the 4 way test and how she feels it should be referred to as the things we Think, Say AND Do, not “or” Do.  She recalled when she announced her retirement in 2009 that Steve Bean clarified for her that she was only retiring from her job, not the Club. 
Neil DeBoer was introduced by Steve Bean who said that Neil doesn’t look like he’s funny, but that he is hilarious.  Neil began his presentation by clarifying that he did not intend to talk about his divorces again like he had at his memorable classification talk.  He talked about Rotary providing opportunities to give back to the community that supported his successful business ventures.  He said that if you want to be a good leader, you should hang out with leaders.  Rotary is a great place for that.  He closed by saying that he joined thinking it would be good for his business, but that until you demonstrate that you are personally committed to the work of Rotary, you aren’t likely to see any business benefit.  He said that Rotary is like the old television show Cheers, where everyone knows your name.
Next week: Rotary Newbies
Mr. Snappy:  won by Roy Adams – Dockside Bistro gift certificate donated by Heritage Bank and Lynn Wofford.
Meeting adjourned at 1:25 pm by President Jack.