This week's meeting featured the passing of the gavel from outgoing president Jack Belmont to incoming president Wendy Holden.  Wendy will preside until June 30, 2017 at which time president elect Christy Peters will be installed as our new president.
Rotary Club of Olympia
The Wheel
Date:  6/27/2016
Today’s Program:   “The Passing of the Gavel”
Meeting Called to order:   12:25
Invocation by:    Jack Belmont
Pledge of Allegiance led by:  Fred Adair
Song:  Allen Miller
Four Way Test led by:  John Hough
Visiting Rotarians:     Gretchen
   South Sound- Marnee and Pat
               Lacey- Mitch and Dave
Guests of Rotarians:  Jack Belmont
Charlotte Foster, Jessica Foresman, Mitch Dees, John Swanick, Micky Holden-Cooper, Mary Jo Belmont
Happy Bucks:  Dan Lehuta
Celebrating: Hoop-fest in Spokane, an almost 90 birthday, a 35th Wedding Anniversary, a long weekend in Bend with grandchildren, Jack Belmont’s year of service, one of the 36th most inspiring Rabbi’s in the nation, Motorcycling through 110 degree weather, a 70th birthday, a 61st anniversary, the last trip for our exchange student, “Alabama”.
Lakefair:    3k, 5k volunteer needed
Presentation of Presidential Payday by Asst. District Gov. Marnee Obendorf
Presentation of Fred Balz Community Funds to Safeplace and Childcare Action Council.
A story by Dan Lehuta about Hubris and Lighthouses
Judy Blinn and Jack Belmont honored Bill Latta for 43 years perfect attendance, Gretchen Sturtevant for 29 years perfect attendance, Judy Henderson for 11 years of perfect attendance. Steve Bean received the Presidential Award for Auctioneering Excellence.
Jack shared that his focus for his year as President was on membership. He lifted up efforts such as the book club, the Pub Night and the Dine Around.
He lifted up the Picnic with 160 in attendance as well as trucks, boats and good fellowship. The club received three awards recently including “Meeting or Exceeding New Member Goals”, “Net increase of Eight Plus”, and a Literacy Award. During his year as president the club inducted 21 new members. This is a major accomplishment for any service club.
Jack also shared the importance of the club’s efforts to touch lives. He lifted up the exchange student program, the student scholarships, as both programs change lives. He read from two thank you cards he received from participants in these programs. He talked about the role of the Interact Program and how it engages young adults in the community and helps them to connect to Rotary and the good work members do throughout the world.
In honor of his year as President he was presented with a plaque which we hope will hang proudly in his motor home over the next few years.
Jack closed by thanking Mary Jo his wife for allowing him to serve, as well as the past club presidents for their support.
The gavel was passed…
Wendy shared her focus for her year as President will include building connections. She wants the club meeting to be the recognized place to be. She wants to create opportunities for our families to be involved. She wants each member to connect with our community and in particular those parts of the community we support. She wants the Olympia Rotary to become revolutionary not just evolutionary.  She shared a theme of, “We can all do something but we cannot do everything.
Meeting adjourned: 1:30 just moments before the fire alarm testing….