The week's meeting featured our own club member and Mayor of the City of Olympia, Cheryl Selby.  For a slide show of photos taken at this meeting, click HERE.  This slide show will not be available after a few month from the meeting date.
President Jack called meeting to order at 12:20.
Invocation by Mark Boyer.
Pledge by Dirk Farrar.
Song by Dennis Williams, "America The Beautiful".
4-Way Test led by Jewell Goddard.
Gretchen had 2 visiting Rotarians, Dennis Curry from Lacey and Steve Young from Davis CA.
Guests Cheryl Selby brought her daughter.
Vida led the Happy Bucks group
  • Mark Elliot had a 56 year anniversary and had lots happen on that day many years ago.
  • Nick had a football scramble and they raised $70000 for scholarships.
  • Mark Boyer is taking over the scholarships and just had a 10 year anniversary.
  • Pat Rants had a graduation party for his daughter who was proposed to during the party. Pat is also going to re-marry his ex-wife, Helen.
  • John Sabo announced the Flight Show is on Father’s day weekend.
  • Reid Bates passed around the invocation signup sheet and then announced he is grandpa again this year for the second time and his son Mike is back from his mission.
  • Exchange student Honza did the Duck Dash over the weekend, got some oysters which he really liked, went to Seattle and had more good things to say about the USA!!!
  • Mo Considine went to Petaluma Ca for her sons best friend’s wedding and got to drive a smart car. She also was happy about being in line at the grocery store while down there and somebody buying her groceries because she had a great smile!!!
  • Wendy Holden said the last weekend in June is the 5020 District Conference right here at the Red Lion and they have great speakers lined up!!!
  • Bob Heck said he hit the 2 year mark with his wife, Katheryn and he celebrated at pub night because she was out of town!!!!!
  • Gerry Alexander went to China to testify as an expert witness in law. He didn't understand a word except what he said!!!!
Steve Bean auctioned off eggs for what might be a record of $100 to Pat Rants. Steve wants to get to $4000 in the next few weeks before the new president comes in and we are at $3528
Dennis Cooper inducted his daughter, Kelli Cooper into the club.
Whitney Holm and Martin Meyer talked about needing volunteers for the Lakefair run if 3k, 8k, Half marathon and full marathon on 7-16-16.
Dale Hedden announced that the dues were going up next year to cover the cost of our meetings.  They will go from $375 to $395.
Dick Blinn did a Rotary moment and shared he was married to the Rotary Bling Queen “, Judy for 48 years.
Dick Cushing introduced Mayor Cheryl Selby who talked about what was accomplished last year in the city of Olympia and what to expect going forward for this year.  Mayor Selby touched on things from 2015 including the Critical Areas Ordinance and the Shoreline Mater Plan. There were lots of great questions.
Reid Bates won Mr. Snappy and got a gift certificate from Falls Terrace Restaurant.
The meeting was adjourned at 1:32 after a great story by Dan Lehuta about emergency brakes that Amish use!!!!!   Next week the topic is Olympia Scholarships.