This meeting was all about looking to the future of our club, using round tables to discuss 6 key questions.  Photos for this meeting are available by clicking HERE. Photos will only be avail for about 2 months after this publishing.
Rotary Club of Olympia
The Wheel
Date:  July 11, 2016
Today’s Program: Club visioning
Meeting Called to order:   Wendy Holden
Invocation by:    Don “Rusty” Chalmers
Pledge of Allegiance led by: Rashi Gupta
Song:  Allen Miller “God Bless America”
Four Way Test led by:  Matt DeBord
Visiting Rotarians: Gretchen Sturtevant introduced Dennis Curry from Lacey
Guests of Rotarians: 
Dan Lehuta introduced Charlotte “Char” Foster
For the Good of the Order: (new category in the agenda per President Holden)
John Hough has had to have a second hip replacement but recovering well.
Chuck Fowler-Karla’s father died
Andy Crow is not doing well
Happy Bucks: Robert Coit
Steve Bean announced the proposed merger of Tacoma-based Commencement Bank and Olympia-based Thurston First Bank, and he survived spending a weekend with all 8 grandchildren.
Nick Schmidt is just back from a conference in Dallas and he asks that we support the Clippers’ women’s basketball game 7/27 at SPSCC
Maureen Considine was in Eugene for Avery’s wedding and saw Natalie
Gina Carlson just back from Hawaii and saw her Mom get married. She will be doing the interior design for the Little Creek Casino Hotel
Mark Boyer gave kudos to the scholarship committee
Tore Nielson happy about how successful a relative is in skiing.
Oscar Soule announced a Rotary trip to the Rainiers game on Aug 29 at Cheney Stadium. They are playing Fresno. Contact Oscar for tickets.
Get with Martin Meyer to volunteer for the Lakefair race this week.
Steve Bean auctioned off a dozen eggs for $40 to Gina Carlson
Board meeting July 20th and all invited to attend.
Program: President elect Christy Peters and membership director Sam Bovard led a table talk discussion about the coming year, club focus and where we are headed. Rotarians discussed the following questions:
1.)Why do enduring organizations prevail?
2.)What trends and demographic changes should the Rotary club of Olympia be preparing for in order to thrive and grow?
3.)What are the not yet apparent future needs for our club to focus on?
4.)What is important for us to do and to be during the next year? Including but not limited to prepare for the future?
5.)Table unique topic/question
Some of the responses included a focus on social media, coordinating technology between all 9 local clubs for a master calendar, diversifying the club and working on project with lasting effects.
Mr. Snappy: Bill Lahmann won a $25 gift cart to Batdorf & Bronson donated by Preston Troy
Meeting adjourned: 1:25 by President Holden