Posted by Mark Boyer on Jul 18, 2016
Our meeting featured the very entertaining author Jim Lynch, who regaled us with remarks of his Olympia experience and read excerpts from his new best seller, Before the Wind.  There are photos you can view by clicking HERE about this meeting.  This slideshow will only be available about 2 months after publishing.
Rotary Club of Olympia
The Wheel
Date:  July 18, 2016
Today’s Program: Before the Wind by Jim Lynch
Meeting Called to order:   President Wendy      
Invocation by:    Chuck Fowler-honoring Andy Crow
Pledge of Allegiance led by: Cecelia Loveless
Song:  Jill Barnes
Four Way Test led by:  Judge Mary Sue Wilson
Visiting Rotarians:  Karen from Lacey Rotary
Guests of Rotarians:  Barbara Lally, Madeline Elliot, Ryan Walker, Jennifer Forrester, Andrea Griffith, Heather from Percival Group and “Char” Foster, GHC Executive.
Happy Bucks: * Nancy-Birthday and Rotary Cares * Oscar-Rainiers Game and HOF Trip, * Martin-Marathon Success, * Ned-Birthday and reading glasses, * Tom-36 year Anniversary, * Holly-Thurston Talk article on Grandson, * Mo-Exchange students home safe and Honza’s contribution to scholarship fund, * Bill-Donated Books and daughter’s visit, * Fred-Appreciation to Sam Bovard for help at marathon, * Sean-WA Center Auction and Gala and Jim Haley taking over as President, * Chuck-Lakefair parade for Harbor Days, * Steve-Will be auctioneer for WA Center auction/gala
Announcements: Christy and Sam updated group on meeting from previous week. Good feedback and a few common themes from the discussions:
  • Service and Adaptability
  • More Diversity to group
  • Social Media Increase
  • Need to tell our story
  • Education of new members
  • How our dues work
  • Benchmark to other clubs
Lynn Introduced director of South Sound Reading, books by the bay Aug 12th…awarded $500 from our club’s foundation.
Skip talked about Fred Balz Community Grants, awarded Morningside this year’s grant for work with transitional High School kids and training services for disabled.
Steve Bean Auctioned Eggs for $55, Mariners tix for $70, and Seattle Theater for $50.
Program: Chuck Fowler introduced Jim Lynch, author of Before the Wind. Jim spoke about growing up sailing in the Puget Sound and after a career of Journalism decided to try his hand at writing novels. The Highest Tide was his first book, story originated from the shores of Olympia.
Jim read a few passages from his new book, one of which drew parallels to men’s affinity of sailing and Viagra commercials.
Jim said he has already started his next book, which typically takes 1-3 years to research and write. He also taught creative writing class for Saint Martin’s.
Mr. Snappy: Ryan Walker-Starbucks Card
Meeting adjourned: 1:30