Today's meeting featured Our own Kim Dinsmore and Randy Norris Residential sales and alternative energy manager for Sunset Air.
For July 20, 2015, at The Red Lion Hotel
President Jack calls meeting to order 12:21 PM
Invocation:  Mary Sue Wilson
Pledge to our flag:  Felix D’ellesandro
Patriotic song:  Nancy Zussy Allen, National Anthem
4-Way Test:  John Sabo (newer version)
Gretchen-Visiting Rotarians:
Happy Bucks with Dan Lehuta:
Colleen Gillespie: Zach Johnson won the British Open.  Colleen and her husband will be volunteering at the 2017 US Open at Aaron Hills Wisconsin.  Attended mass at her old high school that is now closed.
Martin Meyer: Thanks to Carol Murphy, Bill Lahmann, Kim Dinsmore, Brad Hooper, Allen Miller, Sam Bovard for helping out at the Lakefair Run.  Two of the Rotarians Raced--- Bill Lahmann in the 3k and Sam Meyer in the ½ Marathon.
Carolyn Manger: She was in BC this weekend with her 89 year old aunt and 2 sisters.
Special Announcements:
Al Cohen-Last day to order Spaghetti Bowl T-Shirts and Brad Hooper with the Spaghetti Bowl Dinner and tickets info.
Hawks Prairie Rotary Transfer to our club—Kellie Hogstead.  She has owned her own business and is now the CFO of boys and Girls Club.
Mary Sue Wilson purchased Scuderi Eggs for $25.
2 tickets for the August 1st Summer Gala and Auction at Ralph Munro’s House—Benefitting the Capital Land Trust 5-9PM went for $160 to Al Cohen.
Zale Crawford donated packaged Coho Salmon/Chinook Salmon/Cod/Halibut $90 to Leslie Johnson.
Program of the Day
Our own Kim Dinsmore and Randy Norris Residential sales and alternative energy manager for Sunset Air took us on a 40 year journey through Residential home heating and cooling. The discussion focused on political climates then and now, alternative energy options, government sponsored rebates, and the impact of technology on energy use. They looked into the future of where energy use might be going, Q and A followed.
Mr. Snappy
Lori Woodland $25 to Mercato/I-Italia/Ramblin’ Jacks.
Meeting Adjourned 1:31PM