Today's program was current events at Wolf Haven.
Rotary Club of Olympia
The Wheel
Date:  8/1/2016
Today’s Program:  Wolf Haven International
Meeting Called to order:   12:30
Invocation by:    Seth
Pledge of Allegiance led by:  Colleen
Song:  Wendy
Four Way Test led by:  Jerry
Visiting Rotarians:  none
Guests of Rotarians:   Abbey Henikins, Steve Thompson, Jessica  Foresman
Happy Bucks: 
Terry ( “Gala” The Washington Center, his painting in an exhibit)
Sean M. ( His MBA program at Cornel)
Colleen (back from a cruise around the British Isles, and golf)
Abbey (excited about the exchange program and a thank you)
Sean P. (“Gala” the Washington Center shout out to Steve & Pub Night)
Seth (Birthday dollars)
Sam (40th Class reunion)
Joan (Birthday dollars)
Steve (35 years of wedded bliss)
Katy (celebrating her anniversary)
Steve B. (“Gala” the Washington Center, shout out to Jill and a great team)
New member: Charlotte “Char” Foster  #1,235,101
Auction:  Eggs and tomatoes/cucumber salad
Announcements:  The changes by Rotary International
Chartered Club requirements include meeting no less than twice a month, a varied schedule is acceptable, can meet in person, online or via Skype, can count a service activity as a meeting, introduce the “Passport Club”, must report attendance, and must pay dues
Membership requirements changed to “members must be of good character…” each club can establish own attendance goals/requirements
Membership types broadened to include Corporate Memberships, Family Memberships, and Affiliated Memberships
Some flexibility at the club level to establish financial goals/dues, service goals/expectations and attendance goals
There will be a proposed by law change coming to our inboxes…
Program:  Wolf Haven International   our presenter Cindy Erwin
Wolf Haven International is a nationally recognized wolf sanctuary. They are the only wolf sanctuary accredited by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries.  Their mission is to conserve and protect wolves in their natural habitat. They also have a successful breeding program for endangered wolves both the Mexican Grey Wolf and the Red Wolf.  They educate the community and help to dispel myths and portray wolves as they really are. These presentations are also available in Spanish and via Skype to reach a worldwide audience.
My take away was that wolves in captivity need activities. Wolf Haven has an enrichment program to keep the wolves engaged. A pumpkin stuffed with meaty treats, a turkey for each and every wolf …
Mr. Snappy:  A lucky winner took home a grand prize
Meeting adjourned:  1:30