This week we had a very informative and enlightening presentation on "Robotic Spinal Surgery", given by Dr, Andrew Manista. Dr. Manista is a surgeon in the award winning “Joint and Spine Center of Excellence” at Capital Medical Center. To see a slide show of photos taken during this meeting, click HERE. NOTE - This slide show will only be available for about 2 months from the date of this bulletin.
Olympia Rotary Club
Date:  8/15/2016
Today’s Program:  Robotic Spinal Surgery
Meeting Called to Order by President Wendy Holden at 12:20 pm
Invocation by:  Gloria Strait
Pledge of Allegiance led by:  David Stock
Song:  Gloria led us in “God Bless America”
Four Way Test led by:  Kalo Wilcox
Visiting Rotarians:  None. . . Remember to invite your friends!
Guests of Rotarians were introduced.
“Good of the Order” – Judy Blinn announced that Stan Arnold, who joined our club in 2000, is now in assisted living at Brookdale.  Stan was responsible for bringing  our “Clean Water, Cool Jazz” event to the Rotary Club of Olympia.
Happy Bucks:
            Sean Murphy – Employment opportunities at Greenhill, Naselle, Echo Glen
Dirk Farrar – Brought Under the Sea” book back from his trip – “Go Pro   cameras are only water proof if you put them in the water proof box.”
Dick Schmidt – Successful tournament and gala last Saturday night.  Country Club renovation is beautiful!
Kelly Cooper – BIG BIRTHDAY!  Wouldn’t tell us her age, but she hiked 50 MILES to celebrate her birthday!
Pat Rants – Re-married last Sunday to his ex-wife at Rotary Point Park.  Who says you can’t go home again?
Phyllis Mandel – Happy about her son’s new home. . . on the water no less!
Fred Adair – Memory of Olympian article from when he was club president.
President Wendy – Happy about our great club picnic last week!
Announcements/Club Business:
August is Membership Month – Sam Bovard, our membership director, explained the importance of a steady stream of new members, and that recruiting new members is the responsibility of all of us.  This year there is a special emphasis on increasing club diversity.  Who do you know that would make a good Rotarian?  Wear your Rotary pin. . . it is a conversation starter.  Practice your “Rotary elevator speech” to explain what Rotary is all about to potential new members.  Think about people you know in IT, Communications, Retail, sporting Goods, fitness, Manufacturing, Pet Care, etc.  Invite them to a meeting (Bring a guest to lunch day – BAG!)
Baseball – Attend the Tacoma Rainiers game Monday, August 29, with Oscar Soule and some of your favorite Rotary friends!
Youth Exchange – Rosemary Barnhart announced that we will be getting two exchange students this year (from Denmark and France).  Club members were asked to reach out to the exchange students by taking them to an event, inviting them for dinner, etc.  The Youth Exchange committee is hoping to schedule two events a month for each student, but this will only work if members are willing to create the opportunity.  Rosemary is scheduling September through December right now.
All Rotary Picnic – August 28th
Proposed by-laws changes around group team membership are now in your e-mail.  Please read them. . . we will be voting on the proposed changes soon!
Auction:   Steve Bean auctioned off eggs (thank you Allen Miller!), and a Ken Griffey Jr Hall of Fame bat that came along with coffee with Oscar.  The price?  $150
Oscar is one very valuable guy!
Program:  Robotic Spinal Surgery
Colleen Gillespie, who serves on the Board of Trustees at Capital Medical Center, introduced our speaker, Dr. Andrew Manista.  Dr. Manista is a surgeon in the award winning “Joint and Spine Center of Excellence” at Capital Medical Center, and he presented a fascinating program explaining robotic spinal surgery.   There is only one robot in Washington State, and only 72 in the US.  This advanced robotic technology assures 98.3% accuracy and a 62% reduction in radiation exposure.
A Polio Plus donation was made to Dr. Manista to thank him for the great program.
Next Week’s Program?  Oscar Soule will talk about his "Weekend in Cooperstown" and the inducting of Ken Griffey Jr. into the Baseball Hall of Fame.
The meeting was adjourned at 1:30 pm.