Record of the Discussion & Vote on the Group Membership Addendum to Club Bylaws
Click HERE to see the photos of this meeting. 
Many details of this meeting are missing because our scheduled reporter had an emergency and could not be at the meeting. 
This is a record of the discussion and vote on the bylaws change to allow for Group Memberships in our club. 
That proposal was presented by Larry Poplack who also presented the case for accepting this addition to our bylaws. 
After Larry's presentation, pro and con positions for this proposal were voiced by quite a few members. 
One member suggested that we give this proposal a trial period and re-evaluate after that. Wendy told them that this proposed change is not written with that provision but that she would be glad to show that member how to move forward with that suggestion if they wanted to pursue it. 
After that a vote was called. The vote was close but those in favor of the Group Membership addendum prevailed. 
The Group Membership Addendum was passed and our club will now allow group memberships as per the proposal. 
The exact text of that addendum can be found in our bylaws on our WEB PAGE in the "member resources > club documents" area located at the top of the website home page. When you click on the "Club Bylaws" link a pdf file of the bylaws should download to your computer.