Today's program - Fowler rotary Friendship Exchange Trip to Sweden. 
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Olympia Rotary
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Date: 9/19/2016

Today's Program:  Fowler Rotary Friendship Exchange Trip To Sweden
Meeting called to order by President Wendy Holden at 12:22 pm.
Invocation by Carol Murphy
Pledge of Allegiance led by Bob Heck
Song was "America" ("My Country, 'Tis Of Thee")
Four Way Test led by Coleen Gillespie
Visiting Rotarians:  Bill Connor (South Puget Sound), Marnie Obendorf (South Puget Sound), Karla Fowler (West Olympia), Anne Algend (West Olympia)
Guests of Rotarians: Barbara Andrews (brought by Bob Heck), Todd Whitley (brought by Sam Bovard)
Happy Bucks:
Kim Dinsmore - The Jazz Festival is coming up November 19
Oscar Soule - Thanks to Carolyn who helped him get thought his recover; October 15 is the reunion at Evergreen; J.A. Jance dedicated a book to him
Jim Larson - Just celebrated his 50 year reunion at Ballard HS; Morningside Ride was fun and successful; Disability Rights Washington previewed a video that Jim was honored to be in
Colleen Gillespie - Capital Medical Center will be doing youth heart screening on October 5 and is looking for volunteers
Mo Considine - Spent the weekend with 34 students from 27 counties; one student is looking for an electric keyboard
Sam Bovard - Daniel James Brown will be here October 4
Matthew DeBord & Vida Zvirzdys-Farler - Olympia Downtown Association cleanup event is October 1; free lunch, more volunteers needed
Rosemary Barnhart - Shared a touching story about Tim Stokes offering a scholarship to a former exchange student
Diane Gallegos - Celebrated 36th wedding anniversary last week in a cabin with her new adopted grandchildren; Oakville rodea and harvest festival was last weekend
Nick Schmidt - This Friday there will be a tailgate for the home league softball opener
Rashi was given her blue badge from President Wendy
Rashi gave a presentation on our club's new Facebook presence
President Wendy notified us of September being Education & Literacy month
President Wendy inducted Laurie Tebo (CEO of Behavioral Health Resources)
Auction:  Steve Bean sold eggs to Chris Lanese for $30
Program:  Fowler Rotary Friendship Exchange Trip To Sweden
Chuck and Karla Fowler shared the story of their Rotary Friendship Exchange to Sweden (District 2380).  They went last month (August 2016) with five other couples.  They took wonderful pictures, which they shared in a PowerPoint presentation.  Highlights of the trip included Sweden's maritime history, food, historic sites, and the discovery of Chuck's family's old home.  His family emigrated from Sweden to the United States 140 years ago.  The trip was a great example of why we should take advantage of Rotary Friendship Exchanges if ever possible, and the process for participating in one was described.
Mr. Snappy:  Whitney Holm was the lucky Rotarian
The meeting was adjourned at 1:30 pm.