Today’s Program:  former International Exchange Student Thea Lukens.
Olympia Rotary Club
The Wheel
Nov. 21, 2016
Meeting called to order by:  Wendy Holden
Invocation by: Skip Steffen 
Pledge of Allegiance led by:  Whitney Holm
Song:  My Country Tis of Thee
Four Way Test led by:  Dana Pethia
Visiting Rotarians:  None
Guests of Rotarians
Dennis Peterson introduced Matt Argyropoulos from Smith Barney
Rotary Moment Gloria Strait
Gloria Strait shared a “Cheers” moment with us. Gloria joined Rotary in August 1987 and the show is symbolic of how she feels when she comes to Rotary – “where everyone knows your name”.
Happy Bucks:--a few highlights Dan Lehuta
John Sabo was reminded of the additional lifelong benefits of hosting an exchange student when a former student from New Zealand stopped by to say hello
Bob Wubbena was pleased with the great Jazz Festival and reminded us that he and Kim Dinsmore are looking for new chairs
Laurie Dolan is pleased to announce she won her election representing the 22nd District.
Rabbi Seth Goldstein announced that clergy gather together due to their concern over hate crimes and homeless populations. They created the Olympia Charter for Compassion. It was unanimously adopted by the City Council. For more information go to
Sean Paget missed the last few Mondays and is happy to be back. He brought his $51 October birthday check.
Trent Hart reminded us that it is Salvation Army red kettle time so please sign up for a slot.
Jack Belmont had a September birthday that cost him $68. He also announced that nominations for club directors is coming up.
Announcements and Misc.
Please pick up your Rotary logo wear from Judy Blinn at the table in the back of the room
There is a Rotary Foundation (Paul Harris and Fred Balz) table in the back where you can check on your contribution record and make a contribution
Cool Jazz- Corrina Phillips will take over if she can find an active co-chair
November 29 is a Fireside for red badgers. See Corrina or Renata for more information
Auction Steve Bean auctioned tickets to Stardust at Harlequin and masterworks Chorale Ensemble
Rotary Foundation Jon Hough and Greg Bucove gave a presentation on this charitable arm of Rotary International. For more information you can go to the District 5020 website or
Paul Harris Fellow Recognitions Judy Henderson awarded the following recognitions: Martin Meyer PH+1, Neil DeBoer PH+2, Sean Padget PH+4, Corina Phillips PH+6
ProgramThea Lukens, former outbound Rotary exchange student to Hungary.
Thea gave one of the best presentations we have heard from an exchange student. She spoke about her incredible experiences in Hungary. The language was very difficult to learn and the immense flood of refugees into the country gave her the experience of witnessing chaos caused by some many people in such desperate situations. She was at first appalled that they built a fence to keep the refugees out. Once she learned more of the history of the country she could understand and have compassion for why they built the fence.
Thea saw sausage making, the ballet and was able to immerse herself in the culture and rich food. The people work hard, care deeply about their families and take great pride in being Hungarian – all of which is reflected in the food.
Thea was able to get involved with the art school and she had some wonderful experiences. She wishes a world with more understanding and more compassion – and feels exchange programs can help lead to that.
Mr. Snappy:  won by Bob Wubbena
Meeting adjourned at 1:30pm by Wendy Holden
The next meeting will be held at Indian Summer Golf Course