Our meeting for October 24th featured our District Governor Joanne Croghan.
Rotary Club of Olympia
The Wheel
Today’s Program:   Comments from our District Governor
Meeting Called to order:   12:05
Invocation by:    Pat Rants
Pledge of Allegiance led by:  Paul Knox
Songs:   Gloria Strait
Four Way Test led by:  Holly Mason
Visiting Rotarians:   Pat Beehler, Joanne Croghan and her husband Don
Guests of Rotarians:  Amel Awan, Linda Kleingarder, Carol Goldfinch, Kascha Koenetcha
Happy Bucks:  Sean Murphy collected a basket of happiness in Celebration of grandchildren, birthdays and an anniversary.
Today is World Polio Day,
Jim Balz received his Paul Harris times two,
New members Carol Goldfinch and Kascha Keonetcha were introduced,  Monday the 31st is “scary hat or tie day”,
Rocco Graziano the husband of Amanda Walker passed away suddenly,
A moment of silence for the loss of Carl Lind and Rocco Graziano.
Joanne a self proclaimed ordinary Rotarian, has been a member of the Bainbridge Island Club for over twenty years. She has focused her work on international issues and her husband Don has been more interested in local work. She shared about her first trip to Uganda and left with a mission to raise money for one well, a year later it was for ten wells and this has grown to a passion for the clean water program that raises millions of dollars each year.
Joanne talked about how ordinary Rotarians make a difference every day. She shared that Polio Plus started with one club in the Philippians with the desire to eliminate Polio on the other side of the river and today we are close to eliminating it across the globe. She challenged each of us to not just see a need but to be the one to address it. She lifted up that Rotary is our club that each of us can make a difference. She talked about how the Rotary Foundation leverages dollars raised locally and asked us to consider a gift in honor of the Rotary Foundation’s Centennial.
Joanne shared that Rotary is changing to bring new generations into Rotary. One size does not fit all, that perfect attendance is no longer required but still valued. That the work place has changed and it is harder for professionals to attend every meeting.
She shared it was going to be a great year and wants every Rotarian to be a part of it.
Mr. Snappy:          Brianna
Meeting adjourned:  1:31