Today's meeting featured a spirited portrayal of our 33rd president Harry Truman by Mike King.
Rotary Club of Olympia
The Wheel
Program: President Harry Truman
Meeting called to order by:  President Wendy Holden
Invocation by:  Mary Sue Wilson “Teach us and show us the way”
Pledge of Allegiance led by:  Warren Carlson
Song:  Gloria Strait – America the Beautiful
Four Way Test:  Jack Belmont
Visiting Rotarians:  Steve Henderson – West Olympia Rotary
Guests of Rotarians:  Jack Belmont’s wife Mary Jo, Oscar Soule’s wife Barb, Brent Gaither from the YMCA, Gary, and Lee Ruddig    
Happy Bucks:  Wendy Holden – Had a great party at her home.  Mark Elliot – brought a book back from Iceland.  Reid Bates – Birthday.  Diane Gallegos – Literacy committee is collecting books with a goal of 500.  Warren Carlson – had a great time at the Capitol Steps performance.  Foreign Exchange Student Victoria from Denmark – Looking forward to Halloween.  Joan Houchen – 90th B-day party for John Spellman.  Charlotte Foster – Volunteered at the SeaKing Free Clinic at Key Arena.  Helped over 7,000 patients last year.  Gerald Pumphrey – Had a great camping trip in Alaska and Canada.  Foreign Exchange Student Marie from France – looking forward to Halloween. Jack Belmont – Ten great weeks traveling county in his new RV.  Work only called him once!  
Steve Bean auctioned off Denny Peterson’s Halloween tie for $75. 
Halloween Contest Winners:
  1. Cindy Zechmann – Witch
  2. Judy Henderson – Woman from Oman
  3. Matt DeBord – Donald Trump
Paul Knox – Community Support Center received a grant from the Community Foundation.  We are making welcome home packages and Rotarians are asked to collect supplies to donate for the packages.  See Warren Carlson for details. 
Larry Poplack introduced two new members – Jennifer Houk (Regional Director of Providence) and Doug Upson (Regional Director for Providence).  They are member numbers 1,208,214 and 1,208,213, respectively. 
PROGRAM: Attorney Mike King spoke as Harry Truman.  Former President Truman was welcomed to the stage by a naval band playing Hail to the Chief on kazoos.  Mr. King has presented at 31 local Rotary clubs as President Truman.  President Truman gave an interesting speech on his difficult decisions while he served as President, including firing General Douglas MacArthur, Desegregating the U.S. Military, and dropping the atomic bombs at the end of World War II. 
Mr. Snappy Winner: Dick Blinn - $27 Sea Blossom Seafoods Gift Card
Meeting adjourned by President Wendy Holden