Program guest was Veena Tabbutt who has worked at Thurston Regional Planning Council as a Senior Planner for many years. She shared demographics about our county and answered member's questions. 

For August 17, 2015, at The Red Lion Hotel
Meeting called to order by President Jack Belmont
Invocation by past president Bill Lahmann
Pledge of Allegiance by John Cleese
Song: National Anthem led by Gloria Strait
4 way test by Dick Blinn
Visiting Rotarians
Gretchen introduced “Van” Van Jepmond from Lacey
President Jack led the visiting Rotarians welcome song
Member Guests
Peter Brennan introduced Stacey Genzlinger, Providence St. Peter Foundation Special Events Manager.
Wendy Holden introduced her sister, Mickey.
Happy Bucks
  • Pat Rants made a pitch for the Gateway rotary event of Brew and Brats because we had them pitch our spaghetti bowl!
  • Bill Lahmann had 2 happy bucks. Last week he missed the picnic because he was on Orcas Island at his son’s wedding and then he stepped in for Brad Hooper and talked about spaghetti bowl.
  • Sarah Clinton announced there is a wine tasting event at the Red Lion next Thursday that will benefit the YMCA.
  • Brian Martin made an announcement that the Family Support Center has a fundraising campaign going on until October 31. The campaign is to help fund housing for homeless children.  The campaign is called Help Us Move In.  Every dollar donation is matched by a member of the First United Methodist Church of Olympia up to $50,000.  Rotarians can donate to the campaign on Family Support Center's Go Fund Me Campaign ( He reported that we have raised almost $10,000 dollars which will be matched by another $10,000 by the donor. A $25 donation made before Tuesday (today) will be given 2 tickets to the final dress rehearsal of Harlequin's To Kill a Mockingbird on Wednesday, 8/19.  He also stated that King 5 posted a story on the campaign “Single Mother Hopes Her Story Will Inspire Donors".  Our goal is to raise a total of $100,000.
  •  Bob Heck talked about Sand in the City.
  • Colleen Gillespie and husband is leaving for 2 weeks on a cruise from Istanbul to Barcelona and to celebrate their 20 year wedding anniversary.
  • Vida Zvirzdys-Farler had 3 things, first her son graduated from WSU, on Aug. 1st her daughter was married and Aug 8th was her birthday!!!
Special Announcements
President Jack recognized Martin Meyer for his recruiting efforts and said he is 2 away from Silver recognition. He also recognized Jim Cooper and said he is 1 away from Bronze.  These are new “recognition” awards given by Rotary International to those who sponsor new members.
Regarding the Rainiers baseball game event, Oscar Soule said we are just a few tickets from being sold out and then auctioned off a signed baseball that Kelli Hegsted bought for $50. He also drew the name of McKenna Hooper to go down on the field before the game starts
  • Gloria Strait auctioned off 2 tickets to "To kill a mockingbird" for $55 to new member Brianna.
  • Terry Anderson did extensive research and conducted covert operations at Joe Scuderi’s and even interviewed "Sue" the chicken from Vietnam that has had a total of 128 chicken children. This was really a superb job of undercover work by Terry so he could conduct a successful auction for the eggs. Lori Woodland bought them for the same, and typically low price of $20!!!
  • President Jack talked about all the planning and coordination that went into last week’s picnic and also said that the silent auction was still going on for the rides in the different vehicles.
  • Caroline Manger shared a story about a pharmacist that needed a special prescription in order to fill it!!!
Program guest was introduced by Colleen Gillespie. Veena Tabbutt has worked at Thurston Regional Planning Council as a Senior Planner for many years. She shared many demographics about our county and there were some great questions she answered expertly afterward.
Mr. Snappy was won by Nancy Riordan and meeting was adjourned at 1:28pm.