This week's program was our District 5020 Governor, Rose Bowman.  We had a large group of visiting Rotarians, one as far away as Perth Australia.  It was also an opportunity to greet our three exchange students.  They are from Indonesia, Brazil and Czech Republic.
The Meeting was called to order by President Jack Belmont and the Invocation by  Sarah Clinton.  After the Pledge of Allegiance led by  Jim Larson, we sang The Star Spangled Banner led by Gloria Strait.  We also sang the Canadian National Anthem.  And of course our 4-way test, led by Zale Crawford.
There were a large group of Visiting Rotarians and included Van “Van” Jepmond of the Lacey club, Pastor Bruce Saunders, of The West Olympia club, Dan & Joan Swank, visiting from Troy, OH, Ed Schlich & Len Fauche of the Gateway club, Peter McKenzie, all the way from Perth Australia, Marnee Obendorf (Our ADG for our area) and our guest of honor, Rose and Leon Bowman.                       
Guests of Rotarians included Richard Hall, Mo Considine introduced our three incoming exchange students – They are from Thailand, Brazil and The Czech Republic.  Bob Wubbena introduced his two brothers visiting from Iowa, and finally Mr. and Mrs. Tim Hawthorne.
Highlights from our Happy Bucks:  Oscar Soule shared highlights of the Rainier's game, Warren Carlson just returned from a trip to Scandinavia. Sam Bovard announced the monthly book club that meets on the second Tuesday of the month at Mercato Ristorante.  Exchange student Honza Vesely from the Czech Republic said he finds Americans very open and friendly, Exchange student Fatiha Rahma from Indonesia said that American food portions are LARGE and Exchange student Manoela Pitta Lopez de Andrade from Brazil was surprised that, in America, the largest meal of the day is dinner.  In Brazil, it is lunch.  Len from the Gateway Club announced the details of the upcoming Brats, Brews and Bands event and highly encouraged members to attend.  Don Chalmers shared a story about a Rotary rowing regatta from years ago when another team anchored his boat to the ground.  His team still won. Ralph Munro shared great news about Polio Plus efforts.  The number of cases reported worldwide has dropped from 359 to 36 in one year.
Announcements and Miscellaneous items included Rotary Park Picnic is happening September 6th at Rotary Point Park.  Come watch the tugboat races and have lunch for a suggested donation of $5.  Judy Henderson introduced a new member, a transfer from the Emerald City Club, Matt Treich who is a timepiece expert with Ben Bridge Jewelers at the mall. Bradley Hooper announced it is time to buy Spaghetti Bowl tickets if you haven’t already and sign up to volunteer for the dinner. Steve Bean auctioned the eggs and got $40 for them from the District Governor and her husband.  Peter McKenzie presented a Rotary flag from his club in Perth, Australia.  Brad Hooper reminded us that Spaghetti Bowl is just about upon us.
Program:  District Governor Rose Bowman
Governor Bowman was introduced by Assistant District Governor Marnee Obendorf.
Rose was born in Oklahoma and raised on a farm in Arkansas with her five siblings. Rose met Leon when her family moved back to Oklahoma. They were married in 1962.  Rose and Leon moved to Washington in 1964, settling in Lewis County in 1965 where they live today. They raised their three children there and are happy that two of their four grandchildren are also Lewis County residents. She is a proud graduate of Centralia College. In 1968 Rose and Leon purchased their own business, Kresky Auto Repair and Electric. While Leon is retired, they continue to own and oversee their business.
Rose served two terms in the Washington State House of Representatives. She was elected as the Lewis County Treasurer in 1994 and retired from public service in 2014.  Leon joined Twin Cities Rotary in 1989 and Rose joined Chehalis Rotary in 1996. They have both served Rotary in several capacities including as club president and as assistant governor. They are multiple Paul Harris Fellows and a Benefactor. Rose has been on several Rotary missions. She and another Rotarian drove a donated school bus to Mexico. She and Leon joined a Polio Plus Mission in India. In 2011, they attended the dedication of a Rotary water project in Africa that they had worked on for the previous 5 years.
Rose recognized her husband of 53 years, Leon and thanked him for being GOD (the Governor’s Official Driver). She asked us to ask ourselves if we are just a member of Rotary or a true Rotarian.  Rose shared that she made the transition to Rotarian when she helped refurbish a school bus to transport children to schools in Mexico.  She helped drive the bus from Washington to Mexico and shared an experience along the way when the bus ran out of gas due to a faulty fuel gage.  She found help along the Columbia River and was struck by how much help they received during their trip and how many they were able to educate about Rotary along the way.  It was a transformational experience for her.
Rose invited all in attendance to mark our calendars for the District Conference at the Red Lion in Olympia on June 25, 2016.  She announced that the Conference will feature two world-class speakers, Marilyn Fitzgerald and Michael McQueen.
Next week:  Labor Day, no meeting.  September 14 is a program about bees, and Mr. Snappy  was won by Carol Murphy.
Meeting adjourned at 1:20pm by President Jack Belmont.