Today's meeting program featured a discussion of pros and cons of the upcoming Olympia Parks Proposal with club member Allen Miller speaking for and Glen Morgan speaking against it.
For September 21, 2015, at The Red Lion Hotel
Today’s Program:   Olympia Parks Proposal
Meeting Called to order:  12:20
Invocation by:    Reid Bates
Pledge of Allegiance led by: Kim Dinsmore
Song:  Caroline Manger
Four Way Test led by:  Mark Boyer
Visiting Rotarians:  none
Guests of Rotarians:
Cristiana Figueroa Kaminsky (Guest of Allen Miller)
“Stealth guest” Congressman Denny Heck
Happy Bucks:
Bob Wubbena- Birthday
Kim Dinsmore -Cool Jazz and Birthday
Jerry Moody - “a Guardian for WWII Vet. During Washington DC trip”
Mark Boyer - Birthday
Sean Padget - Pub Night Oct 7th 4-7 Mercato’s
Allen Miller - Birthday and Japan Sister City Trip
Chuck Fowler – “in recognition of wife Karla receiving a national award”
Exchange Students highlights included Bus Travel Training, Fun Schools etc.
Classification Talks and New Members:
Kelly Hegstead gave a brief classification presentation. She is the Finance Director of the Boys and Girls Club, has had her own accounting business, worked for the IRS. She is, “very happy to have a pay check.”  She has moved to our club from the Hawks Prairie Rotary Club.
Introduced by Colleen Gillespie, Rebecca Means was inducted as our newest Rotarian # 1,204,309. She is the Chief Nursing Officer for Capital Medical Center.
Gary Alexander took a few moments to share that member Ralph Munro recently received the Foreign Ministers Certificate of Gratitude from the Nation of Japan, in recognition for his helping to create a deeper understanding between our nations, as well as his work to support Japan during recovery efforts after natural disasters. Ralph Munro, former Secretary of State, made a few brief comments including the importance of the Sister City Program particularly when it was not a popular effort.
Brad Hooper gave a short wrap up of the Spaghetti Bowl. It was a great success over 75 volunteers, 800 plates served, raised $960 over last year and crushed the West Olympia Club. He has the Pat Rants seal of approval.
Cecelia Loveless reminded members to engage in Rotary service via committee membership, with a call to action please sign up for committees.
Caroline Manger asked the galloping horse question… and gave its answer.
Program:  Olympia Parks Proposal
Allen Miller “For” (key messages)
Proposition creates a Metropolitan Parks District with clear and specific funding commitments, becoming a function of the City Council
Originally was to collect a property tax limit of 75 cents per thousand, this proposal only collects 54 cents
Will buy park lands, improve walking paths, playgrounds etc.
Glen Morgan “Against” (key messages)
Proposal will not keep money in parks
City Council was asked before and has not kept money in parks
There is a better Way statue: RCW 35.61 allows a better Parks Structure that will keep money in parks, creating a Park District, other options include it being managed by independent elected party not a City Council
Is the perfect the enemy of the good, or is the good perfectible? Is this a pivot to a regional approach?  Allen:  Yes.  It is amendable…
If we do not vote yes, what are the consequences? Glenn: you can put it on the ballot again. Allen: you lose a year
If it went regional what expenses are associated with it? Glenn: mergers could result in consolidations with a net zero result (in theory).
How do you prioritize the projects?  Allen:  the Parks Plan and the public process, and ultimately the City Council
If passed with the intent to buy 500 acres is it an obligation?  Glenn: no past promises are not future obligations. Allen: the new parks plan does include 500 acres; we know that people want parks…
What are other jurisdictions doing?  Would it not be better to begin with regionally?  Glenn: yes but it does require buyoff from the other jurisdictions. Staff may be resistant to this option. Allen: this is now on the ballot with Olympia voters and we can take a regional approach later.
Would taxes be raised be enough to buy the 500 acres?  Maintenance? Allen: Yes 2 million for maintenance, one million for acquisition.
Why Capital Center Building Project part of this proposal? What are the costs old and new? Glenn: there is a lot of flexibility within these sorts of proposal. Allen: nine dollars a month, in addition to the current tax burden.
What has happened to developer’s impact fees? Glenn: it has been spent, money does go to other things. Allen: some impact fees have been spent some go to schools, roads and other impacts of growth.
Mr. Snappy: Won by Sean Padget
Meeting adjourned:  1:34