Posted by Kyle Cronk on Jan 28, 2019
Rotary Club of Olympia
The Wheel
Today’s Program: John Dodge, A Deadly Wind, 1962 Columbus Day Storm
Meeting Called to order: President Dan called the meeting to order 12:30
  • Invocation by: Pat Rants
  • Pledge of Allegiance led by: Pat Beehler
  • Song: Gloria Strait, My County Tis of Thee
  • Four Way Test led by: Kyle Cronk
Visiting Rotarians
  • Pat Beehler - South Puget Sound
  • Heather Hahn - West Olympia
Guest of Rotarians
  • Heather Antanaitis – Daughter Zoe, and mother Patty Reardon
  • Dave Sederberg – Mother-in-law Carolyn Callner
  • Tom McLean - Amy VanSurksum, SPSCC
Happy Bucks
  • Heather Antanaitis – Daughter Zoe spoke and will be accepting orders for Girl Scout cookies after the meeting, and at the following website -
  • Pat Beehler – Encouraged members to attend the district conference.
  • Heather Hahn – Upcoming musical event
  • Oscar Soule – Encouraged members to sign up to attend Mariners’ opening day.
Olympia Rotary 2020 100th Anniversary
Colleen Gillespie revealed she was the member who volunteered to match donations (up to a total of $1000) for the 2020 100th anniversary celebration.  Colleen said she had $400 more matching money available if other donors were willing to participate.  She promptly had four more donors.  Thank you!
Carolyn Manger shared a humorous story.
Exchange Student
Heather Antanaitis updated the club on the activities of our exchange student in Brazil, Maddy Huntington-Bradley.
District Conference
President Dan Lehuta encouraged members to attend the district conference in Victoria BC in May, as well as to take advantage of local Rotarians who may be hosting dinners for attendees.
Yelm Bowling Tournament
President Dan Lehuta noted that anyone wishing to purchase an exemption from the Yelm Bowling Tournament could raise their hand and donate $10 to the club.  Many hands went up.   He did note it would be good to put together a team if we have some interested bowlers.
Brainstorming Program Ideas
We will be brainstorming ideas for future programs in upcoming meetings.  What would you want to see?
Steve Bean auctioned of 20 ready-to-eat (once cooked) Totten Inlet clams donated by Jim Leonard.
Program: John Dodge, A Deadly Wind, 1962 Columbus Day Storm
John Dodge was a columnist, editorial page writer, and investigative reporter for the Olympian before retiring in 2015 after an award-winning career spanning forty years. Dodge is a veteran of natural disaster reporting, including the 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens, the 1989 Bay Area earthquake, the 2001 Nisqually earthquake, and numerous damaging windstorms and floods. He experienced the Columbus Day Storm as a young teenager.
In his new book, A Deadly Wind, published by Oregon State University Press, John tells a compelling story spiced with human drama, Cold War tension, and Pacific Northwest history. This is a must-read for the tens of thousands of storm survivors, for history buffs, and for anyone interested in the intersection of severe weather events and climate change.
Along with several vignettes and photos of events associated with the storm, John shared with the Club his approach and detailed level of research involved in this effort.
You may purchase A Deadly Wind here.
Mr. Snappy
Heather Antanaitis won a Gift Certificate for Mercato donated by Steve Bean.
Meeting Adjourned: 1:30 pm by President Dan Lehuta