Posted by Tom McLean on Oct 05, 2020
Rotary Club of Olympia
The Wheel
Today’s Program: Congressional Candidate Debate
Meeting Called to order: Oct. 5, 2020 @ 12:00 pm
  • Invocation by:  Lynn Heinold
  • Pledge of Allegiance led by:   Sean Padget
  • Four Way Test led by: Sean Padget
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Food Drive
Tumwater Rotary will have another food drive.
Committee Meetings
The Centennial and Program committees will be meeting this week.  Contact Jim Larson if you would like to attend program committee meetings or Dick and Judy Blinn about the Centennial Committee.
Today’s Program: Congressional Debate
Jim Larson introduced the candidates for Washington’s 10th Congressional District, Beth Doglio and Marilyn Strickland.  The 10th district represents Mason, Pierce, and Thurston counties.
DISCLAIMER:   The following notes are provided as a record and for absent members.  Notes were made as accurately as possible, but Wheel reporter does not claim complete accuracy, has no background in stenography, and just tried to get a few key points.  To get to know the candidates and their positions, it is recommended you do your own research and visit their websites.
Beth Doglio, state representative for 22nd district.  Grew up in Illinois.  Both parents were educators and dad served in Marine Corps reserves. 
Has worked in public and private life.  Has been working as Director of Climate Solutions. 
Beth is running to fix the climate crisis which is the most important issue to young people.
Most important issues:  coronavirus is a top priority.  Devasting to our economy and way of life.  8 point plan to address the pandemic.  2nd is the climate change crisis.  Proposes ambitious plan to address climate change and create clean energy jobs. 
Would like to serve on the Energy Committee. 
Childcare:  agrees with Strickland.  We need universal childcare.
Combating racism:  looks to understand her own implicit bias… everything is influenced by race.  Introduced house bill 1000 after the police shooting of Andre and Brison.  HB 1000 was a step to getting 940 on the ballot.
Supporting bipartisanism:  has passed many bills and that needed bipartisan support. 
Summary:  leader who listens and acts.  Has helped bring millions of dollars to our region and hundreds of jobs.  Will make sure the COVID recovery is equitable.  Is endorsed by labor unions and tribes, Washington Housing Alliance and 140 elected leaders.  Has support of Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey.
Marilyn Strickland: Mayor of Tacoma 2010-2017, former CEO of Seattle Chamber of Commerce, former Chair of Pierce Transit.
Father was service member and African American and mother is Korean. 
Parents instilled in her the importance service.
Priorities:  1st, get the pandemic under control.  2nd, getting the economy back on track.  Follow the science to get pandemic under control.  Would support the Hero’s Act, that Senator Doglio does not.  Focus on small business.  Any relief funds should help support small businesses.
Wants to build on the affordable care act. 
Policing.  Local communities.  Eliminate chokeholds, police immunity, provide racial training.
Committee interest:  House Finance Committee.  This committee assignment can help to improve affordable housing.
Childcare:  we have a piecemeal solution, but perhaps the Federal government could play a stronger roll and elevate the provision. 
Combating racism:  has lived with racism.  Need to build bridges because we cannot legislate what is in people’s minds and hearts.  Supports justice in policing act.
Supporting bipartisanism?  Will look for finding common ground and have conversations with those she disagrees with.  Common ground:  we all want jobs and access to healthcare.
Has worked her entire career to be bipartisan.  Improved graduation rates from 55 to 90? Percent.  Seattle Times endorsement. 
Meeting Adjourned: 1:00_pm by Sean Padget
Submitted by Tom McLean