Posted by Peter Brennan on Nov 02, 2020
Rotary Club of Olympia
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Today’s Program: Jerry Farmer, National Novel Writing Month
Meeting Called to order: By President Sean Padget @ 12:03 pm
  • Invocation by: Gretchen Sturtevant
  • Pledge of Allegiance led by: President Sean
  • Four Way Test led by: President Sean
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Nancy Elliott
Food Bank Project
President Sean thanked all the volunteers and contributors to the Thurston County Food Bank project.  Don’t have numbers yet but will work on planning future projects.
Centennial Pledge Forms
Pledge forms are out and on the website for the centennial project.  Most of the money will go to the art project planned for downtown in 2021 and any remaining funds will be given to the Olympia Rotary Foundation. 
Salvation Army Bell Ringing
Salvation Army is recruiting for December 12th Ring the Bell, from 10am to 6pm.  More to come with signups and location.  Please mark your calendar.
Upcoming Meetings
Schedule for next few weeks:  We will have five meetings in November.  We will not meet December 21st or 28th
Program: Jerry Farmer, National Novel Writing Month
Judy Henderson introduced Jerry Farmer as our program speaker.  November is National Novel Writing Month and the program committee wanted to celebrate it by inviting a local novelist to share his experiences.
Jerry Farmer is a mystery novelist and radio columnist who's aired over 2400 essays featuring humorous commentary on the cultural aberrations of modern society. Jerry describes himself as an analytical optimist, ready to think critically, but firmly believing in the basic goodness of humanity, even if it sometimes follows predictable patterns.  Jerry moved to the area to help open Dirty Dave’s Pizza and stayed.  He has always needed a creative outlet and his degree in philosophy has made for an interesting combination.
Jerry started his first book with a few ideas about the storyline, but he quickly found the prose came fast and furious.  Before he knew it, he had more than 200 pages on paper.  Jerry shared his perspective on key elements to any good story and how his books developed.
By his fourth book, he wrote in the 3rd person and he believes this made for a more interesting read as the thoughts of the characters are revealed.  His next three books would be written this way.
He was asked how he got his first book published and Jerry shared that he sent out many samples and letters to publishers before finding a local publisher who was interested.  Since then, it has been much easier to self-publish and he has taken this route.  He uses three ‘readers’ as he writes to review several chapters at a time.  If any egregious issues are raised, the readers bring it to his attention for additional review and editing.
He usually spends time between 9 am and 2 pm writing, taking many breaks and multitasking throughout the day.  His best advice on how to start writing a book is to just start writing.  He was asked if he might produce an audiobook and he said that it is possible but extremely time consuming, so he just hasn’t committed the time it would take. 
Jerry’s favorite book is always his last one he has written. He is motivated by the creativity he can express and the sheer enjoyment of writing.  While he would like fame and fortune, these are not his motivations.  The ability to take fictional characters and concepts and blend with his real-life experiences to put together an engaging and interesting story is what he enjoys most. 
Meeting Adjourned: 12:50 pm by President Sean Padget