Posted by Diane Gallegos on Nov 09, 2020
Rotary Club of Olympia
The Wheel
Today’s Program: Ready Reserve Fleet at the Marine Terminal
Sam Gibboney, Port Director and Len Faucher, Marine Terminal Director
Meeting Called to order: President Sean Padget @ 12:04 pm
  • Invocation by: Bill Latta-
  • Pledge of Allegiance led by: President Sean Padget
  • Four Way Test led by: President Sean Padget
Visiting Rotarians
  • Brian Windrope Executive Director of Senior Services for South Sound (formerly Rotarian in Idlewild CA),
  • Len Faucher, Marine Terminal Director for the Port of Olympia and Gateway Rotary Club member.
Guests of Rotarians
Centennial Celebration
Caleb Summerfelt District 5020 PR lead will be sending out the district newsletter which has letter from President Sean Padget and Past President Colleen Gillespie celebrating our centennial and inviting Rotarians from around the district to help celebrate with us.
Salvation Army Bell Ringing
Red Kettle Salvation Army Bellringing will take place on Dec 12 from 10am-6pm. For social distancing reasons we will have just one volunteer or family for each shift. Trent Hart sent the sign-up sheet so please let Trent or Sean know if you would like to help.
Veterans Day
Veterans Day is on Wednesday. Thank you to all of our veterans. Chuck Fowler put together a list of the veterans in our club. Typically, when we meet in person they stand to be recognized. In lieu of that due to our Zoom meeting format President Sean Padget read their names:
  • Fred Adair-US Navy
  • Gerry Alexander–US Army
  • Jim Balz–US Navy
  • Jack Belmont-US Army
  • Brett Buckley-US Army
  • Don Chalmers-US Army
  • Felix D'Allesandro-US Navy
  • Mark Elliott-US Army
  • Chuck Fowler-US Air Force
  • Jim Lawrence-US Air Force
  • Bill Latta-US Air Force
  • Jerry Moody -US Coast Guard
  • President Sean Padget-US Army
  • Denny Peterson-US Navy
  • Jim Phillips-Navy Reserve
  • Ron Rants-US Army
  • John Sabo-US Army
  • Joe Scuderi-Marine Corp Reserves
  • Jim Young-US Air Force.
Thank you for your service!
Program: Ready Reserve Fleet Ships Coming to Budd Inlet
Port Director ED Sam Gibboney, Marine Terminal Director Len Faucher
Chuck Fowler introduced today’s program by giving some historical context. For almost 30 years (1946-1972) Budd Inlet was home to one of the National Defense Reserve Fleets along the American coasts after World War II. The program was established in 1946 to provide extra cargo ships to the merchant marine fleet during emergencies. In 1946, 95 ships made up the fleet and as many as 185 ships were in Budd Inlet by the mid-1950’s.
Chuck introduced Sam Gibboney and Len Faucher who shared the recent news that the Port of Olympia commission voted 2-1 to approve a five-year contract for two government-owned ships that will tie up at the marine terminal. Sam gave recognition to Len and his team for bringing these ships to Olympia. The U.S. Maritime Administration, an agency within the U.S. Department of Transportation, requested bids for a minimum five-year layberth and services for two vessels from its Ready Reserve Fleet. These are ships that can be activated to provide shipping during national emergencies. The two ships, the Admiral W.M. Callaghan and Cape Orlando, measure more than 600 feet. They are part of the Ready Reserve Fleet (or Force) which is part of the U.S. Maritime Administration that is part of the U.S. Department of Transportation. The net present value of the layberth contract (there is no plan for the ships to handle cargo) is $3.5 million. The agreed rate for the first year for two vessels is $2,112 per day, with an annual increase of 3 percent on the anniversary of the start of the layberth. Each ship will have a crew of 5-7. The ships are not anticipated to impact sailing or rowing, nor is there an expected environmental impact on the bay.
A question was asked regarding the status of the Washington state ferry that was docked at the port more than two years ago. The owner stopped paying his bills, and the boat is up for auction on Tuesday, November 17, US District Court in Tacoma at 11:30.
A Ready Reserve Fleet (RRF) vessel can be activated and dispatched to any location on earth within 5 to 10 days, and is designed to support initial military sealift activities, such as transporting various supplies and combat support equipment. The RRF also supports emergency response during humanitarian crises and through disaster relief, everything from fresh water management and power generation, to housing recovery workers and offering its vessels as command posts.
Next week –Monday, November 16, Col. Jonathan Chung, commander of the 2nd Division, 2-2 Stryker Brigade will speak to the club on JBLM, the Army’s role in the area and a salute to Veterans.  The 2nd Division is assigned Thurston County’s community connection unit from JBLM. JBLM
Meeting Adjourned: 12:48 pm by President Sean Padget