Posted by Matthew DeBord on Feb 03, 2020
Rotary Club of Olympia
The Wheel
Program: Women in Non-Traditional Jobs – Captain Katrina Anderson
Meeting called to order by:  President Colleen Gillespie
  • Invocation by:  Lorie Linn
  • Pledge of Allegiance led by:  Michael Kershisnik
  • Song:  America the Beautiful by Gloria Strait
  • Four Way Test: Karla Fowler
Visiting Rotarians 
  • Karla Fowler, West Olympia
  • Cherie Gordon, Surf City / Huntington Beach, CA
  • Courtney Schrieve, Lacey
  • John Masterson, Lacey
  • Brett Anderson, Seattle
Guests of Rotarians
  • Cheri Huber, guest of Chuck Fowler
  • Heather Antanaitis’ daughter Zoe and father Rex Reardon
  • Jean Clark (Choice Regional Health Care Network) guest of Laurie Tobo,
  • Fred Adair’s daughter Elisabeth Adair Jaffe
Happy Bucks hosted by Warren Carlson
  • Dennis Cooper – Celebrating his 76th birthday
  • Mo Considine – Thibault is out of the hospital and back in school.  Thanks to Debra Stephens to hosting visiting attorneys and giving them a tour of the Supreme Court
  • Zoe Antanaitis – Selling Girl Scout Cookies after the meeting
  • Caroline Manger – Celebrating a full invocation schedule
  • Marv Reiner – Celebrating 96th birthday
Downtown Alliance Person of the Year
President Colleen Gillespie congratulated Matt DeBord on being awarded 2019 Person of the Year by the Olympia Downtown Alliance. 
February Meetings
Colleen also reminded everyone to:
  1. Invite a potential Rotarian to lunch in February
  2. Sign up for box lunches for the February 10th meeting at the Thurston County Food Bank warehouse, and
  3. There is no meeting on February 17th due to the Presidents' day holiday.
Steve Bean auctioned off mugs and calendars donated by the speaker, with calendar artwork by Karla Fowler. 
Program: Women in Non-Traditional Jobs – Captain Katrina Anderson
Chuck Fowler introduced Captain Katrina Anderson.  She is the Head Captain of the 100 foot, 5,000 horsepower Henry Foss Tugboat.  She attended Western Washington University and earned a degree in entrepreneurial business management.  Katrina was a rower at WWU and won 2 Division II national titles. 
Katrina is a 4th generation tugboat captain.  Her great grandfather Bergen came from Norway and jumped ship in Ballard.  He settled in Seldovia, Alaska where the family put down roots.  Katrina grew up in Cook Inlet, AK, near Anchorage.  There are no road where she grew up, you took the boat into town.  Cook Inlet has the second largest tidal range in North America, with a 35 foot range every 6 hours and a current of up to 9 knots.  Her dad built Ice Class Tugs in Ballard.  The family business grew to a fleet of 25 boats taking cargo into Dutch Harbor, but was eventually sold to Foss Maritime in 2011. 
Katrina grew up in Alaska on a boat in what she called a non-traditional upbringing.  She said that there were no barriers to great, she just learned to “get it done” and she learned to be a strong woman.  Katrina is known as a “Hawsepiper” someone who starts at the bottom as a deckhand doing manual labor and works their way up the ranks to a captain. 
Katrina works a 15 days on 15 days off schedule and helps 5-10 ships per day into the dock in Seattle or Tacoma.  She has a dog named Galley that visits her on the boat.  She is the only female captain that she is aware of in the Puget Sound region.  Only 2% of ship management worldwide are female.  The James Act requires all ships operating in US waters to be built in the US and to have a US staff.  There will be a problem in the future as experienced captains retire, with 1/3 of the current captains expected to retire in the next 5 years. 
Mr. Snappy Winner
Dick Cushing – Greetings from Washington book
Meeting adjourned by President Colleen Gillespie
Submitted By: Matt DeBord