Posted by Richard Hull on Feb 08, 2021
Rotary Club of Olympia
The Wheel
Date: 2/8/21 
Today’s Program: 100 years of service to the greater Olympia community
Meeting Called to order: by President Sean Paget @ 12:04 pm
Thought for the Day: Chuck Fowler
Pledge of Allegiance led by: President Sean Paget
Four Way Test led by: President Sean Paget
Guests of Rotarians:
Crosby Carter, an active community member, was a guest of Tanya Mote
At the February 2nd City of Olympia Council Meeting, City Manager Jay Burney introduced a Proclamation resolving that September 10, 2020 - September 10, 2021 is Rotary Club of Olympia Centennial Year, and urging the greater Olympia area to join in marking this special observance.
On February 11th/12th, Rotarians can volunteer to help GRuB build gardens at River Ridge High School (350 River Ridge Dr SE, Olympia, WA 98513).  The work will run from 11am to 3pm, and we need 10 Rotary Club volunteers per day. If you are interested check our website or please reach out to Warren Carlson ( or Paul Knox (
There will be no meeting next week (President’s Day).
Program: 100 years of service to the greater Olympia community
Don Chalmers reviewed the work of the Centennial Committee, recognized Dick and Judy Blinn as co-chairs, and thanked Committee members for their hard work.  He reminded Rotarians of the initial survey of club asking for input on how we should recognize the Centennial. Despite plans having been impacted by the pandemic, there are several events coming up in the next few months including the launch of a book commemorating our 100-year history, hopefully activities at Lakefair in July, and our Gala rescheduled for Sept 10th event at the Hotel RL.  Also, on September 10th we will have the unveiling of the art project commissioned for the Centennial.
Don then introduced artist Bill Frymire who is building our Centennial Art Project. Don described how Bill grew up in the BC interior before pursuing his formal training in Commercial Art and Design at Langara College and in Digital Art & Design at TRU, and then returning to live near Kamloops to bring up his family.
Bill said he was particularly thankful and grateful to have been chosen for this project.  He is quite familiar with Rotary in Kamloops, and feels that it is an honor to be involved. He shared that his wife is from Seattle area, so he has made many trips down this way and is familiar with our region. Bill shared visuals of his website ( as he described his journey as an artist. He started his career in commercial graphics and images, with a focus on illustration, 3-d rendering, and photography. Twelve years ago, Bill reevaluated his path and started working on fine art and mosaics. He had no intention of moving into public art, but the mosaics got so big that had he nowhere to show them but in public spaces. Recently he started doing more structural work with three themes consistent in all his projects; sustainability, community involvement, and interactivity.
Bill then showed a model of the Centennial Art Project. The final piece will be roughly 10 feet tall, and comprises of a hand supporting a globe of interconnected aluminum cogs filled with colored perspex panels engraved with words and images.  Named “Cognitive Synergy”, the piece reflects service above self with hand representing the human aspect and the globe the service. Bill shared how he is working with a structural engineer to use aluminum to build the hand (specifically reclaimed aluminum to represent sustainability). He showed some of his work in progress with the initial cogs and panels he has constructed to date.
In the spirit of community involvement Bill then asked Rotarians to email him ( with any key words, people, imagery, or photography that reflects our Club’s history in the community. His goal is then to incorporate a selection of these into the panels.
Don thanked Bill for a great presentation, and turned to Dick Blinn to talk about fundraising around the Centennial. Dick reminded Rotarians that there will be a donor wall alongside the Centennial Art Project recognizing those that contribute $2,500 or more (noting that this can be paid over 3 years). He thanked the fundraising subcommittee for their hard work to date. Of the $150,000 goal, over $100,000 has been raised in pledges to date. Dick noted that the money raised is supporting the Centennial Art Project and other Centennial activities, as well as contributing to our Community foundation funds. Pledge forms are available on our web page (under the Donate Now button you will find a donor form to download, complete and send in).  Dick closed by saying that he hopes everyone will be able to donate something, ideally by the end of March so that the donor wall engraving plans can then be advanced.
Meeting adjourned at 12:51 pm