Posted by Dirk Farrar on Feb 12, 2018
Rotary Club of Olympia
The Wheel
Date: 2-12-2018
Today’s Program: Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler
President Christy called the meeting to order at 12:22
  • Reid Bates - Invocation -
  • Linda Kleingartner - Pledge of Alligience -
  • Gloria Strait led us in 2 songs, God Bless America and Oh Canada
  • Steve Ryan – Four Way Test
Visiting Rotarians
  • Bob Lovely, South Puget Sound Rotary
  • Craig Gillis, District Governor-Elect, Campbell River Daybreak (Canada) Rotary
Guests of Rotarians
  • Warren Carlson introduced Sarah Lloyd, Executive Director of SafePlace (and soon to be a new member)
  • Reid Bates' guest was investor Norm Mitchell.  Reid also introduced Steve Valandra, Deputy Commissioner for Public Affairs at Washington Office of the Insurance Commissioner
Happy Bucks hosted by Allen Miller
  • Allen Miller - Was happy that his alma mater was ranked #1 in basketball since back in the 80's
  • Colleen Gillespie - Was elected the chairman of the board for Capital Medical Center when she left the room board meeting for a restroom break!
  • Dave Sederberg - Announced about the Procession of the species
  • Oscar Soule – Announced Temple beth Hatfiloh’s “Blintzapalooza” fundraiser on 3-18-18.  He also donated a children’s book about cacti and joked that his thesis in college had been on the same subject. He also talked about his son Adam recently being on NPR speaking on undersea volcanos.  and talked about the blue sheets on the table and the mariners opening day game on 3-29-18
  • Craig Gillis – Out District Governor-Elect from Canada said he attended a conference in Vancouver and came away with a lot of good things from it.
  • Nick Schmidt - Was glad to see that at least one of his 3 alma maters won a game over the weekend! he also invited us to the friends of Scouting event on 3-2-18
  • Brian Martin - Was happy that his son recently won a Grammy for his Latin-influenced music!!
Thank You’s
President Christy read two “Thank You’s” from recent guests. One was from grant recipient Morningside and the other from the last Golden Bear award recipient, Sarah Gindy.
Classification Talk
Heidi Schaiberger gave her classification talk and recived her Blue Badge.  She has had 33 different residences in her short 38 years!!  She is a great addition to our club.
Lakefair Run
Nick Schmidt and Heidi Schaiberger made the announcements for the mile markers at the upcoming Lakefair marathon and they need more mile post sponsors.  Sponsorship information is one the website.
Paul Harris Awards
Judy Henderson made announcements for the Paul Harris awards, and provided some historical perspective on Paul Harris and the award itself.  Our newest Paul Harris recipient is Jim Leonard.  Fred Adair is a Paul Harris +3, Chuck Fowler, Nate Naismith, and Geoff Crooks all are +1
Program – State Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler
Gerry Alexander introduced our guest speaker, State Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler.  In his career in public service, Mike served 8 years in the Washington House of Representatives, then 8 years in the Washington State Senate before being elected as a US Representative from the 9th congressional district of Washington in 1992.
After leaving Congress in 1994, Mike was appointed to the Northwest Power Planning Council in 1995.  He served on the NWPPC until 1998 when he was appointed Regional Director for the United States Department of Health and Human Services Region 10, where he served until 2000, when he resigned to seek election as Washington State Insurance Commissioner.  Mike is the only state-wide elected official from Thurston county, and is the longest serving insurance commissioner in the country.  
Mike spoke about the current state of insurance, (particularly health insurance) in our country, the challenges to replacing the Affordable Care Act, and the steps Washington State is taking to assure we have one of the most competitive and affordable insurance markets in the nation.  
There were lots of questions from the members of the club.
Mr. Snappy
Tore Neilsen won Mr. Snappy and got a $25 gift certificate to Olympia Coffee Roasters, donated by Jim Cooper.
Meeting Adjourned: 1:25pm by President Christy Peters.