Rotary Club of Olympia
The Wheel
Today’s Program:   Morningside – Jim Larson
Meeting Called to order:   12:22
Invocation by:    Whitney Holm
Pledge of Allegiance led by:  Geoff Crooks
Songs:  Nancy Zussy
Four Way Test led by:  Dana Pethia
Visiting Rotarians:   Marv Reiner, Jeff Reiner, Bob Lovely
Guests of Rotarians:  Bill Fitburn
Good of the Order: a moment of silence to honor Hal Markus.
Happy Bucks:  Oscar Soule encouraged us to attend Blintzapaloosa, Dennis Cooper spent 15 days in Cuba, Katie Wojke celebrates a birthday, Marie Dauve is looking to do odd jobs to raise money for the summer exchange camping trip, Warren Carson lifted up Love for a Change, Seth Goldstein lifted up the recent success of the Robotics Team and its star team member, Jeff Reiner celebrates the arrival of his first grandchild, Bob Wubbena lifted up a recently successful grant for the water project.
Announcements: Steve Bean called for Carl Reder nominations, Skip Steffen called for Olympia Rotary grant applications, and Bob Lovely called for donations for the Annual Rotary Auction of the So. Puget Sound club.
Recognitions: Marv Reiner received the Major Donor award, Martin Meyer received a Paul Harris plus one award.
Auction:  there were no eggs today
Fellowship time: 15 minutes
President Wendy, responding to the call for more fellowship from the table topics we held last week, allowed the members to just chat and share at each table.
Gary Alexander introduced Jim Larson the CEO of Morningside and a club member. His long list of accomplishments is both a testament to his commitment to advocating for those with disabilities and his unique skill set.
Jim described Morningside in simple terms, essentially an employment agency, owned by the community, founded in 1963, with a mission to advance employment for people with disabilities.
Jim lifted up key actions over the years that helped to shape employment policy for people with disabilities, 1973 the Vocational Rehabilitation Act, 1974 Education for all Handicapped Children Act, and in 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act. Milestones for Morningside included closing their sheltered workshop in 2004 and moving 100% to community based supported work placement, and in 2009 launching the “SEARCH” program.
Their services include supporting student transition from the school environment to one of independent employment and helping students develop the life skills needed to be successful.
Jim took questions for the members present. How did you get started? As a volunteer, my father did similar work and I often helped him out, I developed a passion for it. What does the funding look like? We basically are funded through earned income about 30% Vocational Rehabilitation dollars and 65% Developmental Disability Administration dollars, some fund raising for wrap around programs/services without this type of support.
Mr. Snappy:    The winning ticket holder won a Browsers Book Shop gift certificate.
Meeting adjourned:  1:30