Rotary Club of Olympia
The Wheel
Date: 4/10/2017
Today’s Program: Advanced Care Planning - How to Plan for "What Is" and "What If" by Kasia Konieczny, Director of Providence Health Care Oncology Services.
Meeting Called to order: President Wendy Holden @ 12:22pm
Invocation by: Gloria Strait
Pledge of Allegiance led by: Zale Crawford
Song: Nancy Zussy Allen – God Bless America
Four Way Test led by: Don Chalmers
Visiting Rotarians: N/A.
Guest of Rotarians:
Pat Lewis – Guest of Kyle Cronk
Heidi Shuberger – Guest of Whitney Holm
OHS Interact Club Members – Guest of Jim Balz
Bill Fishbern – Guest of Judy Blinn
Happy Bucks – hosted by Robert Coit
Larry Poplack – Happy bucks for his birthday, which was MUCH improved over his birthday events from last year.
Matt DeBord – announced two volunteer opportunities for the club: 1) Sat 4/15 from 9am-11am is the Rotary Point Park clean-up. Our club needs help filling our volunteer slots; 2) Sat 4/22 from 9am-11am is the Olympia Downtown Clean-Up. Our club needs helping filling our volunteer slots for this event, too.
Sam Bovard – Invited Rotarians to join he and Whitney Holm at the Rotary Table for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Thurston County Breakfast on 5/25 at 7am at St. Martins. If you would like to join, please RSVP to Whitney Holm.
Richard Hull – Happy bucks for his birthday, and a shout-out to all involved with Junior Crew, Richard is very impressed with their persistence!
Bill Fishbern – as a member of the board of the Girl Scouts of Western Washington, Bill invited Rotarians to help him fill a table at their upcoming event. Please give him your name, or your business card to RSVP.
Reid Bates – shared that his youngest daughter will start a BYU in the fall. And, he requested that Rotarians sign-up for assisting with Invocation for the next several months.
Dirk Farrar – this past weekend he took his newest hunting dog (still a puppy!) to a competition and received a blue ribbon.
Steve Ryan – Rotary Moment: Steve has been a member of Rotary for 35 years. He has served in 4 clubs and joined the Olympia club in 1999. His initial focus on joining was networking, but he soon realized that being a member of Rotary is all about service and fellowship. Unlike networking, which can be transactional, service and fellowship last a lifetime.
Jim Balz – OHS Interact Club: Four members of the club shared two updates – two attended the annual RYLA event. RYLA stands for Rotary Youth Leadership Awards. While at RYLA they heard from a variety of speakers and focused on developing their leadership skills. The two attendees thanked the club for sponsoring their participation. The Interact Club invited all Olympia Rotary members to join them on April 27 at 6pm for the annual International Dinner. This all-you-can eat event will showcase food and entertainment from around the world. Tickets are only $7.00/person.
Lake Fair Race Committee: The next committee meeting will be Tuesday at 5:30pm in the Rants Group Conference Room. Please contact Bill Lahmann for more information.
Carl Reder Award Deadline is April 18: all club members are encouraged to submit nominations for the Carl Reder Award by April 18. Please submit your nominations directly to Judy Blinn. An email was sent out recently that gave background on the award, and a list of past recipients.
Scuderi Egg Auction: The eggs this week were disguised in a basket, not an egg carton. President Wendy beat all club members to it, and offered to buy the entire basket.
Program: Advanced Care Planning - How to Plan for "What Is" and "What If" by Kasia Konieczny, Director of Providence Health Care Oncology Services.
Past President Gloria Strait introduced our speaker. Kasia has a MA in healthcare administration and is leading the Advanced Care Planning initiative at Providence.
Advance Care Planning (ACP) is an initiative in the SW WA region of Providence. It includes:
-Community Partners
-Healthcare Providers
-Other community members
ACP is the process of considering the healthcare actions you want in the future should you be unable to make decisions for yourself. It also includes designating a power of attorney. ACP helps answer a lot of the potential “what if” questions that could arise following an emergency.
An Advanced Care Plan has two parts:
  1. Advanced Directive. This part acts as an advisory. It is recommended that anyone over age 18 has this component. It includes the following:
    1. Durable Power of Attorney – before you designate your power of attorney, please consult with this person and ensure they are willing to serve in this role. You can also designate a back-up power of attorney.
    2. Healthcare Directive – this provides guidance for future healthcare decisions (that your power of attorney will make, on your behalf)
  2. POLST (Physician Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment). This is an actionable physician order – it is signed by both patient and physician. It directs the treatment if you are involved in an emergency (heart attack, car accident, etc.).
It is important to create an ACP because it will act as a guide to family and physicians on how to provide your healthcare should you be unable to direct these decisions. Providence has a goal of implementing an ACP for all patients, they want to make this a routine aspect of all care for those in our community. To do this they will:
-work with primary care physicians/patients
-engage with community partners
-create the needed infrastructure (such as records retention)
The ACP initiative for SW WA Providence is broad and includes many individuals/partners:
-St. Peter Foundation Grant has funded the initiative
-Steering Committee oversees the work of the initiative
-50 certified ACP facilitators have been trained and are ready to assist patients with questions about creating an ACP, Past President Gloria Strait is a certified facilitator and she is willing to talk to any members of the club individually.
-Additional Community Partners
-Honoring Choices of the Pacific Northwest – a joint initiative between the Washington State Hospital and Medical Associations.
As a takeaway, Kasia encouraged everyone to either create an ACP or review your current ACP. For more information, please contact a Providence ACP facilitator or visit the following website: Kasia will also make the power point slides available to the club.
Mr. Snappy: Dave Sederberg - $20 gift certificate to Browsers Books
Meeting Adjourned: 1:25pm by President Wendy Holden