Posted by Peter Brennan on May 01, 2017
Rotary Club of Olympia
The Wheel
Date:  May 1, 2017
Today’s Program:  Seasoned Member Program
Meeting called to order by:  President Wendy Holden
Invocation by:    Diane Gallegos
Pledge of Allegiance led by:  Laurie Tebo
Song:  Something patriotic, by Nancy Zussy
Four Way Test led by:  Jim Leonard
Visiting Rotarians: 
Jody Suhrbier, Dispute Resolution Center
Pat Lewis, Commencement Bank
Victoria Byerly, attorney
Guests of Rotarians
Julisia Brock, Golden Bear Award Recipient
Mr. and Mrs. Brock
Happy Bucks:--a few highlights
Robert Coit announced the upcoming Red Badge reception at Renetta Wilson’s home next week.
Todd Cutts, Olympia Downtown Association, shared Girls’ Night Out will be held May 12-13.
Mark Boyer offered a reminder of the June 5th club scholarship awards and, following a recent difficult trial, how appreciative he is of our outstanding justice system. 
Christy Peters is happy about her son’s participation in the recent Chamber Choir state competition at Central Washington University, where the Olympia High School choir is state a finalist.  Also announced the Pirates of Penzance opening next week at Olympia High, with many children of Rotarians performing.  Come see the show!
Gerry Alexander gave $81 to recognize his recent birthday and quoted Washington Irving “Whenever a man’s friends begin to compliment him about looking young, he may be sure that they think he is growing old”
Fred Adair announced he was riding a bike before Gerry was born and that his 65th reunion was a blast.
Nick Schmidt is happy that SPSCC students recently voted on a proposal to fund a $15M health and wellness center and the results should be announced in the Olympian on Thursday.
Laurie Tebo shared that BHR has secured the building permit for their new program to provide care to pregnant women with substance abuse challenges.  Please consider attending the BHR fundraising dinner on Friday, May 12th.  See her for more information.
Wendy Holden gave happy bucks to recognize the leadership skills instilled in one Interact student who credits that experience for her success.  She also reported that the Rotary auction on Saturday was a great success with substantial funds raised for Senior Services for the South Sound.
Announcements and Misc.
President Wendy said the highlights of the recent table talk exercise will be shared next week and posted on the Club website.  She announced that May is Bring a Rotarian Back month and asked members to look around the room, recognize who is not present, and reach out and invite them back.
Steve Bean introduced former Rotarian Nate Smith for induction back into the club.  Nate is an Oly Bear, a WSU Cougar, and excellent photographer.  Dennis Peterson worked diligently to reinstate his member number:  847,212
Olympia High School Principal Matt Grant took the podium to introduce Julisia Brock as the Golden Bear Award recipient.  Her brother, fellow Rotarian Anthony Brock, and her parents were recognized for their contributions in supporting her and leading by example.  Julisia leads the annual MLK assembly at Oly High, supports students with disabilities, and leads teams of students rebuilding New Orleans from the lasting damage of Hurricane Katrina.  She is a tremendous leader of diversity programs at the school.  She thanked her brother and parents for instilling these values in her and supporting her.
President Wendy announced May 9th new member red badge event in Renetta Wilson’s husband’s Man Cave. 
Steve Bean auctioned tickets for Harlequin Productions “Present Laughter” and the eggs.
Program:  Seasoned Member Program
Judy Blinn, member since 1995, shared that when she joined there were only three women in the club.  She found the members friendly and welcoming.  She learned quickly that she would only get out of Rotary what she put into Rotary.  She became president of the club in 2000, when email was available but not used like it is now.  Meetings all happened in person.  She stays because of our core values and the 4 way test, and our commitment to serve those less fortunate.
Don “Rusty” Chalmers, member since 1994 (sponsor Dennis Peterson), was the Evergreen State College Foundation Director when he joined.  He enjoyed being part of the club efforts to endow the scholarship fund.  He was the scholarship chair for several years and found that very rewarding.  His daughter travelled to Chile as a Rotary Exchange Student.  He said he enjoys seeing so many of our members supporting our community in so many ways.
Christina Daniels, member since 2002, was a recent PLU graduate and married, and was looking to get connected.  Kim Dinsmore was president.  At the age of 24, she helped bring down the average age of the club.  She volunteered to be club cashier, which was a great incentive for perfect attendance.  She has used the 4-way test in many ways in her life, including parenting.  She looks forward to sponsoring her children in Rotary someday.
Bill Lahmann was superintendent in Port Orchard when he first joined Rotary in 1995.  At that time, in that club, women were not eligible for membership.  He got involved in the youth exchange program and had the opportunity to hear Dan Miller, one of the last to be diagnosed with Polio in the West.  He found Dan to be inspirational in achieving his dreams regardless of his disabilities.  Bill came to Olympia in 2001 and was sponsored by Al Cohen.  He encourages all members to be a host family to an exchange student and still keeps in touch with his three exchange children.  He stays involved because of the impact he sees with our community grants, international water projects and Polio Plus.
Mr. Snappy:  won by Jay Burney
Meeting adjourned at 1:27 pm by President Wendy