Posted by Diane Gallegos on May 21, 2018
Rotary Club of Olympia
The Wheel
Date: 5/21/2018
Today’s Program:  Newer Rotarians Share their Rotary Experience
Meeting called to order by:  President Christy Peters at 12:20PM
  • Invocation by:  Caroline Manger
  • Pledge of Allegiance led by:  Terry Anderson
  • Song: God Bless America led by Gloria Strait
  • Four Way Test led by:  Gerald Pumphrey
Visiting Rotarians
  • Bill Conner -South Puget Sound
  • Jon Tunheim - West Olympia
  • Van VanJepmond - Lacey
  • Peter McKenzie - Hillarys Perth Australia
Guest of Rotarians:
  • Dr. Jim Balz and Anthony Brock guests Isabel Anteau, her family, teachers, and advisor-Hallie Hauge, Deb Koss-Warner, Petra Anteau, Nel Blommestijn, Yvonne van Gijlswijk, Peter van Gijlswijk .
  • Cyndi Zechmann introduced her daughter Ellen
  • Jim Young introduced Brad Nielson (Tor’s son)
  • Audrey Henley introduced her husband and artist Jimmi Davies
Happy Bucks - Hosted by Tom McLean
  • Judy Henderson - Wearing a beautiful fascinator, Judy donated a British Pound Sterling. Judy and her husband Steve attended services at the Canterbury Cathedral and shook hands with the Archbishop of Canterbury who performed the marriage vows for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Judy donated a book from her travels.
  • Holly Mason - Announced that Bishop Michael Curry will be speaking at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Olympia and at St. Mark’s Cathedral in Seattle on June 14.
  • Mark Elliot - Celebrated 82 years and made a contribution in honor of his birthday.
  • Whitney Holm and Sam Bovard - Encouraged support of the Boys and Girls Club benefit breakfast. The newly hired director, Craig Mackelfresh, will be in attendance
  • Warren Carlson – He and his wife just returned from a wonderful trip to Mexico City and Panama.
  • Tom Lally - Gave us another reminder of the Boys and Girls Club breakfast
  • Richard Hull - Olympia Area Rowing had 50 athletes compete in the NW Regional Championship. 9 rowers are going on to Nationals
  • Jill Barnes – Washington Center of Performing Arts is pre selling tickets for the Melissa Etheridge concert on Tuesday July 17.
  • Bob Wubbena - Has been absent due to some wonderful trips including sailing in Fiji and Tuscany
Steve Bean auctioned once again auctioned off eggs from Joe Scuderi’s neighbor.
Golden Bear Award
Anthony Brock announced the Golden Bear Award winner from Olympia High School Isabel Anteau. She continues to be very active in Interact including serving as co-president and raising funds through the Rotary International Dinner ($2000) for the Human Rights Watch. Congratulations Isabel!
New Member Induction
Judy Henderson introduced new member Audrey Henley. Audrey was raised in California.  Her mother is from Korea and her father from Alabama.  Both parents owned small businesses and she learned the importance of having a strong work ethic at a young age.  Audrey is passionate about music which led to a career as a concert promoter.  Music has taken her all over the world and she even worked for guitar great Jimi Hendrix.  She moved to Olympia in 2002 and married her husband Jimmi Davies.  They own and operate Craftsman Copper has served as the executive director of the Olympia Film Society.  She is a city commissioner for the Olympia Heritage Commission.
Denny Peterson did not have a member number yet for Audrey, but did give her the password “Dilly Dilly” for all of her Rotarian access needs.
Classification Talk
Sarah Lloyd gave an EPIC classification talk! She is the single mother of three girls ages 9, 7, and 5. In addition, Sarah is the executive director of Safe Place in Olympia. Sarah is also a CrossFit competitor. She grew up as a PK – Pastor’s Kid, and moved 19 times in her life. She is strong and courageous – “Rest if you must but do not quit”. She finds her passion by serving her neighbors.  Sarah has a BA from WSU and likes to find the best way to do things. Help other people figure out how to navigate systems that are set up for failure and to succeed against the odds.
Gerry Alexander Update
Steve Bean announced that Gerry Alexander has not been feeling well and would appreciate hearing from club members.
Carl Reder Award
Steve introduced the Carl Reder Award.  Carl Reder passed away in 2002, a longtime Rotarian with a philosophy that if everyone gives a little Rotary can give a lot.  Steve announced previous recipients of the Carl Reder Award and the committee chair Judy Blinn. This year’s Carl Reder Award was awarded to Warren Carlson.  Warren was described as an example of the Best of Rotary and Service Above Self.  Warren has been a valued volunteer at Sidewalk and even drove a van to Mexico as part of a service project.  Congratulations Warren!
Program: Younger Rotarians Share their Rotary Experience
Steve Bean introduced our program this week.  In contrast to last week’s program highlighting the experience of “seasoned Rotarians,” this week we featured members who have joined the club in more recent years.
Whitney Holm joined Rotary in 2011. She is the mother of 3 children ages 3 ½, 2 ½, and 4 months. Whitney served in the Peace Corps for 2 years and then began working in her career. She felt a void and wanted to give service to her community. She joined Rotary and loved the great conversation, but initially felt somewhat disappointed that there were not more opportunities to volunteer. Whitney feels strong bonds as a Rotarian and stays due to the great programs and the wonderful people. She loves Olympia and wants to make it the best possible.
Richard Hull joined Rotary in 2015. He moved from LA, and coaches Olympia Area Rowing. He was introduced to Gerry Alexander. Richard wants to make a difference, especially with young people. He expected to be part of a group of people who care and are friendly – the Club has exceeded expectations. It is special to be part of a group that is changing the world. It is easier to get involved when asked rather than havening to seek it out. Richard values Rotary for the people and the mission – making a difference in the world.
Tammy Adams joined Rotary in 2016.  She is in real estate and is a 3rd generation Rotarian. Tammy was dragged to Rotary meetings by her Grandpa and Dad. She always knew she would join Rotary. She joined in CA to give back what was given to her family when she experienced a serious accident.
Anthony Brock joined the Club in 2017, but his Rotary beginnings started in high school when he received the L.P. Brown scholarship as a senior. He feels he should give back 10-fold what he was given. In his job at Olympia High School, the goal is to reach 100% graduation. Because of Rotary and our community, Anthony believes that goal is attainable. He teaches 9th grade students who are struggling. It is powerful to give service to the community for these kids. Anthony has a personal goal of hosting an exchange student.
Jon Tunheim was invited to join Rotary by two friends. What has kept him coming back to Rotary is the 4-way test and Service Above Self. Rotary is source of hope that is built in relationships and spreads naturally – it is why he is a Rotarian.
President Christy thanked Steve Bean for all of his work putting the program together.
Mr. Snappy was won by Sarah Lloyd, a $25 gift certificate to McDonalds.
(Steven Bean drew the ticket – he has been a member since 1969 but has never won!)
Meeting adjourned at 1:20pm by President Christy Peters