Posted by Tom McLean on May 22, 2017
Olympia Rotary Club
The Wheel
May 22, 2017
Meeting called to order by President Wendy Holden.
Invocation given by Don Chalmers.
The Pledge of Allegiance was lead by Jack Belmont.
Gloria Strait led the club in singing America the Beautiful.
The 4 Way Test was led by Lori Woodland.
Gretchen Sturtevant introduced visiting Rotarians:
  • David Brooks, Capital Centennial
  • Cassandra Parlee, Capital Centennial
  • And Guests:
  • Craig Ottavelli, member of Olympia Rotary, hasn’t been in awhile due to work and health issues.
  • Amber Wetzel, Boys and Girls Club
  • Bill Fishburn, Hispanic Roundtable
  • Doug Crow, Jim Balz’s brother
Happy Bucks:
  • Doug Crow, motorcylcle accident and medjet assist.  Has a brain hat.
  • Colleen Gillespie – South Puget Sound Golf Scramble needs players.
  • Lori Woodland – son got married at the beach.
  • Craig Ottavelli – has been battling cancer; great to be back at Rotary.
  • Richard Hull – OAR – Olympia Area Rowing – The team did well.  Motto is row well, go fast, have fun.  They won 8 events.  4 crews qualified for nationals in Florida.  Learn to row day is June 3rd
  • Anthony Brock – celebrated his birthday this month.  Student Amir Metheny was recognized by Princeton Univ.
  • Terry Anderson – celebrated his 21st wedding anniversary!
  • Gloria Strait – 5 bucks and a book.
  • Brian Martin – celebrated birthday last week, his 75th!
  • Chuck Fowler – Andy Crow’s memorial service will be June 8 at 7:00 PM at the Washington Center. 
Club Induction:  Dave Sederberg.  Wife is Reiko.  He owns Pacific Stage which provides lighting, sound, and staging.  He is also an award winning painter and sculptor.
  • Martin Meyer – the Trials Legacy Marathon is coming up soon – July 15.  17 Mile Markers have been sold.  You can still get the remaining ones for $150 each.
  • Bob Wubbena – shared there are 3 types of Rotarians:  community service, use of professional skills, and king makers.  Memorial to Rose Bowman who was a major promoter and organizer of water projects and past district governor.  Goal to raise funds to complete a project in her honor.
  • Next Board Meeting:  June 15 at the Hotel RL (Red Lion).  Attendance is a requirement to get a blue badge.
Rosemary Barnhart introduced our speaker.
Today’s Program Speaker:  Eileen McKenzie-Sullivan, Director of Senior Services.
Senior Services has six major programs: 
  1. Nutrition
    1. 8 community dining sights.
    2. 15.8% of seniors face hunger.
    3. 19 employees.
    4. 150 volunteers.
    5. Senior pet support, food for senior’s pets.
    6. 111,100 meals served in last year.
    7. $925,800 annual budget (40% of total).
  2. Stars Adult Day Care
    1. Care for seniors with special needs.
  3. Care Connection
    1. Caregiver registry.
  4. Transportation
    1. For people outside intercity transit service area.
  5. Mission Supported Enterprises.
    1. Raises $50k per year.
    2. Estate Store.
    3. Budd Bay Bargains.
About 500 volunteers help Senior Services.
  • 40% comes from public funding
  • 30% comes from user fees
  • 30% comes from donations and private gifts
September 16 is the annual auction for Senior Services.
Mr. Snappy – Mark Elliot won a $25 gift card to Batdorf and Bronson donated by Jim Leonard.