Posted by Dirk Farrar on May 07, 2018
Rotary Club of Olympia
The Wheel
Date: 5/7/2018

Today’s Program - The Salish Sea

President Christy called meeting to order at 12:23

  • Invocation by Skip Stefan
  • Pledge of Alligience by Debbie Draper
  • Song "America the Beautiful" by Gloria Strait
  • 4 Way Test by Dirk Farrar

Visiting Rotarians


Guests of Rotarians  

  • Beth Morrison, guest of Geoff Crooks
  • Barbara Soule, guest of Oscar Soule
  • Linda Young, guest of Jim Young

Happy Bucks hosted by Tom McLean

  • Tom McLean - Happy about his daughter’s musical accomplishments
  • Mark Elliott - Celebrated his 83rd birthday
  • Gloria Strait - Happy her son-in-law now working as deputy Information Officer for the Oregon Secretary of State.
  • Colleen Gillespie - The first People Magazine event was a great success
  • Terry Anderson – Donated a children’s book “C is for China.”  Robyn Chance of Olympia is both the writer and illustrator. Robyn wrote this book for her adopted daughter from China.
  • Rosemary Barnhart - Said they have a lot of work to do on the 10th of May at the Youth Exchange Committee meeting
  • Peggy Mueller (our exchange student from Germany) - Attended the district conference and had a great time
  • Laurie Tebo – Has tickets for the BHR dinner this Friday
  • Eve Chu (Exchange student from Taiwan) also attended the district conference and had a great time and had 2 offers to attend a concert.
  • Audrey Henley – Heritage Month all around Olympia for the month of May with fun activities happening around town, specifically at the Capitol Theater; Olympia Film Society and the Heritage Commission will be presenting a free screening on Friday, May 17 at 7pm of The Boys of '36 which is the biopic of the book The Boys in the Boat about our hometown Olympic hero, Don Hume!  


Terry Anderson auctioned off a dozen eggs and got $20…one was a very small egg that Terry said was a "diet" egg from a hummingbird. 

Terry also announced our club had won a special award at the District Conference…a cell phone.  Terry tried to auction the phone off, but it turned out to be a gag…the phone was actually Dan Lehuta’s that he had left at the Conference!


Gloria shared a funny story about a grumpy old man that chastised his wife for leaving something at the restaurant and then, once they had exited, asked her to go inside and get his hat and credit card because he had left them!!


Cashiers Needed

Skip Steffan was recruiting for the cashier team and reminded everyone it includes a free lunch!!

New Zealand Fellowship Exchange

Geoff Crooks needs help for the Rotary friendship exchange this year from New Zealand.  We want to show them a good time.  Six couples are needed for Sept 23 through 26th.  Contact Geoff if you are interested.

Literacy Award

President Christy asked Diane Gallegos to talk about the literacy award our club received at District Conference and for the amount of books we donated.

New Member

Rosemary Barnhart introduced Heather Antanaitis as a new member, and President Christy inducted her into the club.

Program: Stephanie Buffum – The Salish Sea

Gerald Pumphrey introduced Stephanie Buffum, Executive director of Friends of the San Juans.  She gave a very good presentation regarding the Salish Sea, the environmental challenges it faces, and the efforts to protect it.

The Salish Sea extends from the southernmost tip of Puget Sound North through the Strait of Georgia in British Columbia.   it contains 119 listed endangered & threatened species, 172 species of birds, 250 fish, 38 mammals and 3,000 invertebrates.  Socioeconomic & cultural drivers for environmental protection and preservation include

  • Culture -   50+ First Nations and Tribes
  • Tourism -  22 million visitors (WA & BC) with resulting revenues of  BC: $13.4 B (2011) and WA: $16 B (2012)
  • Maritime Economy -   BC: $11.1 B (2007) and  WA: $30 B (2012)

More than $1.8 billion in local and state tax revenues are generated directly from tourism.   Tourism is the largest employer of women and minorities. Responsible for more than 170,500 jobs. 

Shoreline habitat preservation and restoration is a huge priority, since the eel grass at the shoreline supports spawning herring,  which in turn support salmon...all the way up through the Orca population.   Stephanie discussed efforts to restore shorelines as well as reduce the discharge or sewage and contaminants from vessels om the Salish Sea.  

Mr. Snappy

Bob Whiting won Mr. Snappy - a gift card donated by Gloria Strait.

President Christy reminded everyone we will be at Indian Summer for the next 2 weeks, and adjourned the meeting at 1:30