Posted by Matthew DeBord on May 08, 2017
Rotary Club of Olympia
The Wheel
May 8, 2017
Program: New Rotarians
Meeting called to order by:  President Wendy Holden
Invocation by:  Tom McLean laughter
Pledge of Allegiance led by:  Kalo Wilcox
Song:  America the Beautiful – led by Gloria
Four Way Test:  Jim Larson
Visiting Rotarians:  “Van” Van Jepmond - Lacey
Guests of Rotarians:  Bill Fishburne from the Hispanic Round Table, Rob Knowles from the YMCA, Heidi Schaiberger from BloodWorks NW. 
Happy Bucks:  Dan Lehuta – Celebrated the 100 year anniversary of his Olympia Christian Science church, inviting members to a talk on Christian Science.  Mark Elliot – 81 years old “Old Age is prevented by regular naps, while driving”.  Larry Poplack – Looking for a good home for a bunny.  Judy Henderson - Her grandson is being born at this hospital right now.  Sarah Clinton – 1,200 people at the spring run for the YMCA, over 500 kids for the YMCA Youth in Government class, Pub night at Oly Tap Room next Tuesday night.  Linda Kleingartner – Her daughter was elected youth Governor at YMCA youth in government event.  Tom Lally – Boys and Girls Club breakfast May 25th at 7 AM at St. Martin’s University.  Laurie Tebo – BHR Elegant Dinner on Friday.   Rusty Chalmers – Excited for his daughter who is getting her PhD and will be serving veterans.  Looking for people to help out to plan a 100 year party for the Olympia club in 2020.  Preston Troy – 80th Birthday, 80 is NOT the new 60.  Tom McLean – SOGO concert at 4 PM on May 21st at the Washington Center.  
Caroline Manger read an interesting historical quote about good and evil associated with Whiskey from a Texas lawmaker. 
Club Business – Our club earned an award for literacy at the district training conference.  Feedback from the club on how to improve it:
  1. More social activities
  2. Greeters are good – one new greeter and one “seasoned” member
  3. More focus on community impact – both global and local
  4. No offensive political or religious jokes
  5. Money – fewer auctions, 3 raffle tickets for $2 and $10 professional announcements for Happy Bucks.  This is for non-profit and business announcements.  “I went to Hawaii” is still $5.  “My charity is having a fundraiser dinner” is now $10. 
  6. Communication should still be done with paper – not everyone wants to check email or go to Facebook.
PROGRAM: Steve Bean introduced the new members program.  As Steve always says, “Our best programs come from our own members.”    
Greg Bucove joined the club in 2012.  He was invited by his neighbor Bob Wubbena.  Greg spent his professional career living all over the world in international business, including several assignments in Brazil. Greg has really enjoyed being part of the water projects in Guatemala, Honduras, and Bolivia.  Greg enjoys Rotary because the group is welcoming and he enjoys feeling like is a part of the community, the friendship and fellowship. 
Amanda Walker joined the club in 2015.  She was invited to join by Oscar Soule. Amanda works at TESC and was impressed by Oscar’s connection with the community and the fact that he lives a life of service through Rotary.  Amanda enjoys the great opportunities to serve the community and the global outlook of Rotary.  She stays involved in Rotary for the connectedness she feels with the club and the community. 
Nick Schmidt – Nick is a 3rd generation Olympia Rotary member and is an Eagle Scout.  Nick’s great Uncle was Peter Schmidt.  Nick grew up with a sense of community involvement and community service and feels like it is his responsibility to keep that going.  Nick is the athletic director at SPSCC and is volunteering on the marathon committee and enjoys being a part of the future of Rotary.
Cyndi Zechmann – Cyndi joined the Olympia club in 2008 but was a member of Rotary since she was 26 in Sioux Falls, SD.  She moved to Olympia in 2008.  Mark and Nancy Elliot invited her to join the club.  She has had many wonderful experiences with Rotary including hosting three exchange students.  She told great stories of her exchange students getting in trouble but said that overall it was a great learning experience for her kids.  Her son even visited Anna Sophia (the French exchange student) in Paris years after she stayed with the family in Olympia. 
Mr. Snappy Winner: Linda Kleingartner – a Turkish serving platter from a bazaar in Qatar.   
Meeting adjourned by President Wendy Holden
Submitted By: Matt DeBord