Posted by Kyle Cronk on Jun 10, 2019
Rotary Club of Olympia
The Wheel
Today’s Program: Maritime Washington National Heritage Area, Chuck Fowler/Chris Moore
Meeting Called to order: Past-President Bill Lahmann called the meeting to order 12:30.
  • Invocation by: Skip Steffen
  • Pledge of Allegiance led by: Micky DuMont
  • Song: Cindy Zechman
  • Four Way Test led by: Bill Fishburn
Visiting Rotarians
Bill Edwards, Victorville CA, Classification, Community Service - Gospel Rescue Mission
Guest of Rotarians
  • Jim Leonard – Screenwriter Eric Belgau
  • Mary Sue Wilson – Indu Thomas, Thurston County Court Commissioner
  • Renetta Wilson
    • Golden Bear recipient Brett Wilson, with family and friends Jill Wilson, Lauren Wilson, Sara Wilson, Stella Martin, and Kim Martin, and OHS teacher Kelly Boyer 
    • Golden Bear recipient Jasmine Hughes, with father Ben Hughes, and OHS counselor Marissa Castello
 Happy Bucks hosted by Heather Antanaitis
  • Jim Leonard - $100 donation to recognize the following members who helped bring to the silver screen Jim’s mom’s rescue of a Jewish child in WWII:  Seth Goldstein, Phyllis Mandel, Gerry Alexander, Heather Antanaitis, and Steve Bean.  Also thanks to screen writer Eric Belgau for his screenplay. 
  • John Sabo – Olympic Air Show June 15-16 at Olympia Airport and Olympic Flight Museum
  • Jen Boelts – Four more days of school!
  • Patrick Lewis – Celebrating 50th birthday
  • Carol Murphy – Celebrating a birthday that begins with 5, but doesn’t end in 0!
  • Jay Burney - Going on a 6-week sabbatical.  Thankful to the City for the gift of time.  Has have some baseball-related travel with his oldest son, heading down the Oregon coast, and will be skydiving.
  • Joan Houchen – Discussed her father’s and husband’s love or Rotary.  Happy Father’s Day to all Rotarians out there.
  • Richard Hull – Celebrating the success of local rowers at the national level.
Steve Bean auctioned off Bill Fishburn’s Bread ($15 to Jay Burney) and Joe Scuderi’s eggs ($20 to Renetta Wilson)
Golden Bear Awards
Renetta Wilson presented OHS students Jasmine Hughes and Brett Wilson with Golden Bear Awards.
Program: Introduction/ Maritime WA National Heritage Area Program
  • Chuck Fowler, Pacific NW Maritime Heritage Council
  • Chris Moore, Exec. Director, Washington Trust for Historic Preservation
Most of us know Chuck’s passion for local maritime history, from a promoter of Olympia Harbor Days for more than 35 years to currently helping restore our 113 year old local tugboat Parthia.As the founding co-coordinator of the Pacific Northwest Maritime Heritage Council beginning in 1990, he helped an affinity group of more than 70 individual maritime organizations, museums, historic vessels and related attractions to promote this national program idea.
Chris has led the Seattle-based Washington Trust for Historic Preservation since 2013, and earlier served as Field Director focusing on historic structure advocacy and outreach activities.California raised and educated, he is one of Washington State’s most effective heritage and historic preservation leaders.
Chuck noted that, as we go through life, some of us are lucky enough to see a major project or program we’ve worked years to achieve, and thought would never happen, surprisingly become a reality.  This is the case with a maritime history-related project he and many others have worked on for more than a decade, the effort to establish a significant National Park Service program here in our state, the Maritime Washington National Heritage Area.   
Chuck and Chris presented a program on this little-known National Park Service program and explained its many potential economic and tourism development benefits for our state and region.   In late March, when Congress unexpectedly passed, and the President signed, the enabling legislation, most of us were truly amazed that the Maritime Washington National Heritage Area had become a reality.
  • Established by act of Congress in March, 2019. 
  • Location: 3000 miles of shore-line from Grays Harbor through Puget Sound to Blaine. 
  • Covers maritime museums and education centers, historic ships, lighthouses and similar attractions located one quarter mile inland from shoreline.
  • Attractions qualify for federal matching funding administered by the National Park Service. 
Next steps is to complete Management Plan with the following potential themes:
Canoe Cultures, Voyages of Discovery, Trade & Commerce, Water Highways, Protecting our Shores, Harvest from the Sea, Communities Shaped by Water, and For the Love of Water (Recreational Boating).
Chuck and Chris finished their presentation with member questions.
Mr. Snappy: Laurie Tebo won $15 Gift Cert to Mercato’s thanks to a donation from Steve Bean.
Minutes respectfully submitted by: Kyle Cronk
Meeting Adjourned: 1:30 pm by Bill Lahmann