Posted by Tom McLean on Jun 11, 2018
Rotary Club of Olympia
The Wheel
Date: 6/11/2018
Today’s Program:  OHS Scholarships
Meeting Called to Order: 12:25 pm 
  • Invocation by: Fred Adair
  • Pledge of Allegiance led by: Jeannine Roe
  • Song: Allan Miller lead the club in singing God Bless America
  • Four Way Test led by: Jay Burney
Visiting Rotarians
  • Van Van Jepmond (Lacey)
  • Allen Johnson (Lacey)
Guest of Rotarians
  • Andre Maxwell, guest of Dave Sederberg
  • Nancy Elliott, wife of Mark Elliot
Happy Bucks – hosted by Dennis Adams
  • Rosemary Barnhart - Have all 3 host families for next year – but West Olympia club needs a family with no cats.  
  • Terry Anderson - Took a trip to Thailand and went to Hong Kong.  Two of his paintings were selected for a juried show at South Sound Community College.  
  • Deb Stephens - Went to Seattle for Ramadan dinner at mosque.  
  • Nick Schmidt – Judy has helped with a mile marker; need a volunteer coordinator.  
  • Jewel Goddard - Celebrating 91stbirthday. 
  • Diane Gallegos - went to Colorado to see grandkids; then went to Montana to accept new wolf sanctuary home of over 300 acres.  
  • Peggy Mueller-Scheelssel (exchange student from Germany) - Is staying an extra month.  
  • Eve Chu (exchange student from Taiwan) - Is here for last week – thanks for a great year.  
  • Wendy Holden – info on the Lakefair races – we have signs to promote the race.  
  • Dave Sederberg - Had a birthday and donating Andre’s book.  
  • Steve Ryan - Spent two weeks in the Czech Republic.           
Sarah Clinton announced the auction for scholarships. Terry Anderson auctioned off eggs: Tom McLean won for $25.  Harlequin tickets/$84 value for the upcoming show: The $60 bid by Jewel Goddard won.
Program:  OHS Scholarships
Mark Boyer introduced the Scholarship Program.  We are giving away $28,000 today.  About $30,000 for the year will have been given away, including the Golden Bear Awards.  Night of the Stars was on Monday.  Lot of work goes into the committee.     
Nancy Riordan discussed history of the scholarships.  She’s been a member since 1988.  Colleen Gillespie was one of the people who helped establish the Winnifred Olson scholarship.  Larry Poplack from the foundation has been very helpful too.
Jen Boelts, Olympia High School Counselor announced scholarship recipients:
Leland P. Brown Scholarship
  • Sarah Gindy - Wants to write movies.  Majoring in screen writing at Chapman University.
  • Imani Mabwa-Childress - Attending Cornish College of the Arts to study graphic design.  
Chick Rockey Scholarship
  • Lacey Wright - Wants to work for the Department of the Interior.  Going to Colby College.  She’s a swimmer.
  • Brendan Nee - Will be study mechanical engineering at Lipscomb University.  Played varsity basketball and baseball at Olympia High School. 
Les Armstrong Scholarship
  • Bethany Hermann - Bethany will be attending Whitman College to pursue a career as a music therapist or school psychologist.
  • Clara Dahmer - She will be attending the Oberlin Conservatory of Music.
Ed Rogel Scholarship 
  • Adam Berg - Attending Embry-Riddle in Prescott, Arizona.  He will be majoring in Global Security and Intelligence and pre-law.  He would like to attend law school after completing his bachelor’s degree.
  • Saura Evans - Attending SPSCC.  Wants to study medicine.
David Stevens Scholarship
  • Emiko Grant - She will be attending Seattle University and study creative writing.
  • Keenan Thompson - He will be attending the University of Washington and studying aerospace and computer engineering.  Would like to work for NASA someday.
Betty Ann Balz Nursing Scholarship
  • Maya Boe - Maya plans to become a nurse, serving children and pregnant women.
Winnifred Olsen Scholarship 
  • Ciara McCall - She will be attending Washington State University and plans to study pre-law.  She plans to be a coxswain on the rowing team.
Mr. Snappy
Sean Padgett won a manicure, donated by Gloria Strait.
Meeting Adjourned: 1:45 pm by Christy Peters